Friday, December 26, 2008

I never thought...

Okay let me get the pleasantries out of the way,Happy Hanu-Chrisma-Kwanzalhadid! Everybody happy? Good,I wanted to dispense with all the normal stuff that we all have to say even if we don't necessarily feel it completely,most of us,those of us who care about other people's feelings go ahead and put a smile on and try to maintain a semblance of civility and even manufacture joy toward our fellow human beings at this time of year.
So maybe that is why,during my internal year in review it became obvious what I would write about today...okay,that's a little vague.
2008 was definitely a year that made me think; "Wow,I never thought I'd..." fill in the blank.
Well first and foremost on that list would be the biggest story of the last twenty five years, maybe? Barack Obama becomes the first black president that this country has had in its existence. A fact that is incredible on so,so,sooo many levels. I can't begin to list them because I'd have to go into their causes and yadda yadda yadda...I think most of you could come up with a good enough list. There are literally millions of people who not only never thought that they'd see a black president but it was such a fact to them that it wasn't even a conscious was a part of their psyches. So what this presidential election means in its totality is beyond comprehension,at this point,I don't think the effects of this outcome are truly being felt yet...well I guess we're all still holding our collective breath hoping W. doesn't do anything to screw this country up anymore than it is already....maybe he should not do all..literally just kick on the Wii,pop a couple of whatever pills he's on and play golf...please. I mean here I am trying to give Barack what I can only feebly attempt to call props and the more outstanding issue is the state of the country that he inherits.
Which leads to what can only be called number two...the country is broke! Or at least that is what they are telling us and judging by the amount of people losing their homes,money,jobs,insurance,returns on investments and the list goes on and on,I'm inclined to go with that. Whether you want to blame the greed of already rich companies ultimately it was the greed of individuals that spread like a cancer and eventually a few really greedy and corrupted individuals almost brought this country down...almost because it ain't over yet and because it was also being helped out by incompetence. Incompetence is a great accomplice in this whole frrucked up situation,how's that expression go...a fish stinks from the head down...something like that right? Well beating a dead horse is pointless and it won't get you anywhere either but apparently all roads lead to W. Is he a minion of the devil or something?
A LOT of bad schit has happened on his watch...coinky dink? seems that we have dug ourselves a nice Iraqi sandcastle of debt all around the world but mostly to China,well that's the word on the skreeks and if you want to know anything you should know that you get it skrate from the skreeks! Gee,I wonder how we piled up so much debt..hmm? Maybe it was spending almost four billion dollars a month on the war? Naaaaah!
Since I don't want to end up "missing" I'll leave this subject alone...for now..but you guys know that if anything ever happens to me it is not as it appears,right?
Paranoid,table of one?
Yeah you guys think I'm crazy because I think that when the aliens come to get us is the only time we will truly unite but gon' learn...oh you gon' learn.
I never thought I'd write a book but I did it if I can just get it printed and published! I think it's pretty good and you'd all enjoy if I can just get it printed and published!
I never thought I'd see a guy admit to blowing 50 billion dollars! Which made me think something else I never thought I'd think,how can I get in on this Ponzi scheming!
I never thought I'd get tired of seeing women wearing tights as pants but ladies...come on enough is enough,plus you can't get upset if people stare...other than stare I can't do anything about the fact that your lower pucker is blowing kisses at everybody!
This next one,well,you'll's kind of messed up but I never thought I'd feel sorry for O.J. Yes I said it! Even though that dude should have long ago disappeared into the woodwork to never be heard from again...let's look at it shall we...and this is only what I remember but he allegedly burst into a hotel room where some of his sports memorabilia was being illegally sold to another buyer and he went there with a gun to retrieve what he believed to be his property...dude why didn't you just stay on the golf course...I mean I realize you needed to pay what can only be described as the financial justice for a crime that you were acquitted of all those years ago and the book,the interviews all the sitings in front of this club or that club or that beach or this beach was to try and stay relevant in order to make that cheddar...but damn dude...seriously! You should have been gone! People should've been able to say; "Oh,it's been a long time since I heard anything about O.J." to which the other person would've been able to respond by saying; "Well,he was smart and just went away." But noooo! You writing books and schit,doing overtly sensational and provocative interviews with equally incendiary comments being offered.
Now all that being said and I realize it is alot and there is more to throw on that pile but that judge,that jury and that county was never going to let you out of there without seeing the inside their institutional system,I hate to keep making it worse but they probably have your cell mate picked out too...some ex-line backer who you made look silly in a high school football game at homecoming and he's been a career criminal ever since...dude you are royally fuched.
The really screwed up thing here is, wait til I tell you what is next but I never thought I feel sorry for W either...but it almost happened.
I think you know when...yup, when that guy threw both his shoes at him,which apparently is like the worst insult you can give over wouldn't throw your shoe at a dog over there...but this guy threw both his shoes at the prez. When all is said and done and everything about his presidency comes out,I wonder how many indictments are going to come down if at all?
He will be called the worst president ever or at the very least of the modern era,of the last hundred years,since anyone alive can remember. He has quite possibly made irreversible damage to our international reputation,not to mention our economy as if I haven't mentioned it enough already but all these things, none of which work in his favor and I still can feel sympathy for this is this possible? Because I never thought that I would see any humanity in him and though it was fleeting I think I did see some. Something in the shock of what was happening to him that day may have made the human being in him visible beyond the politics and he was scared. It was as if the last eight years were sum mated in that moment,in that moment he got a glimpse into the daily lives that many of us all have riddled with fear,sometimes so bad that we look past each other and push each other to get there first, all because he has made life for us so hard. A direct result of the decisions he has made with no humanity and while there were profits being made by some because of those decisions with no remorse and until it came back to bite you in the ass you cared not and this my friends is yih8uuu.

keep spreadin that love...
eventually it'll take.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


So I been away from you guys for a lil minute...didja miss me? Stop lyin!! You did to miss me. Where else you gonna get this much truth in one sitting,the newspaper?!! Tcha right!
Allow me to take a minute to explain where I have been,would you believe working? Yeah I am as shocked as you,happily surprised but surprised nonetheless...for anyone who has followed my steez (slang for style) for any extended amount of time then you guys already know about the plot to keep me unemployed and broke so I can't realize my dream of being a misanthropic philanthropist,which would enable me to help more people than I can help now...for those of you who don't, you should check me out at voice_ofreason you can see the blog there titled EveryMan's Guide to Avoiding Chalk (An outline).
Now this last gig ended a few weeks ago and now that it is over I can finally tell you about these spoiled,self important,over priviledged,under appreciative bichez and some bastards too.

The gig was for Chanel...ooh lala...a company, who's rep told us on the first day that is trying to change it's image to be more accesible and less intimidating,basically they want to get a face lift because they are old and bitchy. Well they are not doing such a great job. Especially when you consider that the clientele has mostly gotten nothing but older and bitchier,I guess because after years of being able to get away with treating people like dirt it's harder to put on a smile and pretend that you like the "common folk" well that and the fact that the eight facelifts you've had in the last five years makes it impossible to smile without making your eyeballs protrude beyond your nose and the botox injections that you think nobody notices has turned your face into an expressionless manequin head...apologies to manequins everywhere. I mean really,do you think nobody can see those injection points on the lip-lines of your too taut faces?
Ladies,young and old,please stop getting these injections,not only does it not help,I think its turning some of you into zombies...or were you already dead inside?

There were countless examples of money gone wrong during that gig and my tongue is still slightly swollen (try sayin that three times fast) from biting it so many times because apparently being rich does not include common sense or an ability to follow instructions,manners or having to be cordial to those trying to help you. I can't tell you how many times I had to repeat myself because someone decided that they were too good to have to listen to a commoner. The attitude being they are as informed if not more so than I,therefore what could I possible tell them that they don't already know. Like the woman who though that she was going shopping inside the structure for Chanel merchandise...dumb ass! Had you been paying attention with your ears instead of your purse maybe you wouldn't have spent 45 minutes standing around in line annoying anyone within fourty feet of you...beeeee---aaaaaatch!
It was also indeed very frustrating having to listen to these banal conversations based mainly in ignorance. Now don't misunderstand me,I have meaningless converstaion all the time but I am telling you have not heard banal until you've listened to an aging plastic surgery and shopaholic stand in line and speak with a friend on a Blackberry.
At one point during the three weeks of mostly torturous standing around looking pretty,not really doing anything,wishing bad things on some of the captains (all but one actually)I had the distinct pleasure of hearing an overdressed,over priviledged and very overbearing woman say;"I spend thousands of dollars at Chanel so I don't think I should have to wait in line with the general public." I didn't make that up just because it sounds really effed up and goes right along with the,I am not that imaginative,this was actually said and said with verve and sincerity...she would go on to add that she has stopped shopping at places for less and if she couldn't get in before the hundred or so people in front of her she was just going to let her daughter (poor girl) take some photos (with her really expensive camera) and then they were leaving. This is just one example of why I think I am starting to hate rich people...okay...I've always hated rich people...until you work for one you will only envy them for their wealth and hard work...except that most of them (and the difference was pointed out to me by a man who wanted me to know that not ALL rich people are azzholes) never worked for any of that money,they either married into money or was born into money...the latest expression for such being;"you were born on third base and you think you hit a triple?!" This behavior has to be checked before it gets worse and I'm just the guy to check you self important douchez! Oh by the way I have learned that women can be douche bags too..pass it on.

So I have talked about the clientel now let me get up in the ass of the staff and those who hired us.
It has long been my understanding that a captain is supposed to go down with the ship and be an example for his/her crew. That is unless you were a captain on this gig and your name was not Jim (coolest). If you have ever worked with someone who was in all actuality your equal but they thought they were your superior because of a silly little title that they also took advantage of then you must have been working this Chanel gig too...these dude were serious ass don't want that because you're not a child in DUDE BACK UP OFF ME!
It amazes me how some people given a position of power can go mad with that power and abuse it and those that they laud it over. Case in point. On the third Tuesday in November it rained like a sonuvabitch...ALL DAY. Now as a lowly "marshall" I had no choice but to stand in the rain with freezing toes and fingers protected only by the b.s. "parka" (which was actually just a windbreaker...a windbreaker in November!) they gave us as part of the uniform. However one the "captains" spent the better part of the day in the locker room asleep all while we stood in the slop freezing our balls off! I guess you can imagine my disgust.
Then there was the Aryan brotherhood looking jamoke who had nothing better to do but stand over my shoulder watching my every move as if the job I was doing needed his special attention...dude you better hope I never see you in the street. You would think that being on the same team might make these guys treat us with some respect and with a modicum of leniency but alas a dick is a dick is a dick!

So though it has been over for a little while now it is still fresh in my mind how that gig went and even though I made friends there because a majority of the people were really cool peeps...the standout thought is of the bishez and deekheads that I had to deal with for so many hours and the fact that they are still on my mind is YIH8uuu.

Peace keep spreadin that love...eventually it'll take.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What went through my head when we made history.

Well folks,we have made history once again in a nation called The United States of America. And perhaps now those words will have a deeper meaning to us all. Honestly there aren't enough words to describe nor express how I felt immediately after it was announced that Barack Obama would be the next president of our country. I can say that there was still a part of me that couldn't believe it had happened and a bigger part of me that a full day later was still expecting "them" to somehow take it away from him and ultimately "us." Stranger things have happened we all know so I won't go into any of them,from the Kennedy assassination, to the 2000 elections,we've all been a part of or witnessed some strange schit in this country,so I don't think I am being far-fetched or paranoid ( as Rockwell's "Somebody's watching me" comes on the music channel).
I can't begin to tell you why I believe it finally happened...okay yeah I can..or at least try.
One of those reasons I think besides the obvious polar opposite he seems to be from our current "president" is the fact that for most rational people he appeals to not only our minds but at the same time our hearts. He also seems to have in my opinion a charisma that no other president has had since Kennedy,not even Clinton had Obamas charisma...though some of you may disagree with me Clinton was not the first black my friends that distinct honor has been claimed by it's rightful owner. I also think that he has this aura that makes everyone want to do better as individuals,like he seems to be like the older brother that you don't want to disappoint by f'ing up in school or something...he's always had his schit together and in some ways you only wish you could be like him...cause your mom-n-dad always brag about him.
Now while it may seem to you that I am trumpeting the mans arrival....I am but I am not saying that I think he will magically make all our lives better just by his mere a matter of fact I do have my issues with him and like many of you who voted against him my reasons come from prejudice,the major difference here I'd love to point out is of course that I don't hate black people like yous. I just hate politicians. It has occurred to me that he is still a politician and we still have to wait and see how good or bad of one he will be.
Another reason that I think it happened was white guilt...yeah I said it! Many of the white folks who said publicly that they would indeed vote for Obama/Biden....did indeed vote for Obama/Biden!
I think many of them saw the writing on the wall,the logic of it all,the future of this country going up in smoke in a mushroom cloud,maybe even too many black folks screaming loud,overturning cars burning down buildings and worse had the outcome been different. So was that fear? No, that my friends was righteousness because had the outcome been different the memories of Martin,Malcolm,John and even Jesus could not have stopped the wrath of the "minorities" in this country. This my friends took a long time to happen and when you look at the portraits of the faces on the walls in many of the institutions all over this great country of ours very seldom if ever will you see a black one...this I know because I've seen them,not to mention what was taught to me in school,well now that will be different. And this is why I think a fair amount of a deep residual guilt that white folks have is another reason history was made. I think most white folks (and by the way we gotta come up with new descriptions for everybody..somebody get on that) found him appealing beyond the normal "He's so well spoken" comments that are often heard in reference to one of them smart brothers,I think in conjunction with not wanting to be associated with war mongering Christian wack jobs and the like,they felt that he is smarter than they are and probably on a vast majority of subjects.

I think about the fact that mine is a generation determined as "X" as in unknown, as in what the fuch does that mean? Ours is really the first generation after civil rights and as many of us reach into our fourties (even though I'm waay younger than yous) we were taught about civil rights as if it were ancient history much like the other favorite topic every February,slavery. But as our parents and grand-parents told us it is still too close...and should never have happened and now we have a brother in the White House. Now about those fourty acres...hmmm.

So many things...the images of people all around the world rejoicing over the fact that we as a nation did something that took more than forever to do...the fact that the race was still too close,which means we just have to wait for a lot of old people to die...sounds fuducked up to say but if they are anything like the "Good ol" crowd,the people who would love to see the "old days" return,like back in the fifties,the last days of legal racism,the days of yore when blacks weren't even considered fully human...when we were considered marked and cursed...well muthafuchaz them days are over but I bet you still wish they had never gone away,much like the old,turkey necked racist who called me "boy."
But as we will all see in the years to come the times they really are changing,everyday as we live and breath,we will have to adapt to these changes to make our world better for not just us but our children. To those of us who would try to clutch and cling and perhaps even teach the old ways of doing things,especially if those things are detrimental to our growth as a nation and as individuals of a world society...well this is YIH8uuu.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Scrutiny ?

Wow. It's been a long time,I shouldn't have left you. I'm not gonna bite the whole thing...thats just wrong.
So I'm listening to this talking head yammering about how Sarah tha moose killa,secret swinger,dungeon Mistress Palin is being scutinized about every little thing,from her wardrobe to her intellect..rather lack thereof.
Well guess what's about frudducking time! Seriously,I'm actually getting tired of the Tina Fey impression...only because it humanizes this obviously alien creature to our planet,who has very little true idea of what it means to be an American. The idea of what real freedom is,the freedom to govern inside your own home and especially your own body! (Not to mention her husband the sucessionist!)
I'm getting sick of listening to her blather on about nothing...of her just towing the party line and parroting the party talk.
Scrutiny? That's what is bothering this guy? The idea that we the people should want to know who in the flock this bitch is! And why it's okay for her unwed teenaged daughter to have a baby,which in effect causes the father to drop out of high school?
Honestly I could care less about who dresses this ho' or where those clothes came from..I never donated any money to the RNC so to hell with it but how come there isn't more "scrutiny" being placed on real issues, like how is it nobody has asked her to explain about that rape kit thing,(see earlier blog) which is in her state only as far as I know. Yet their campaign has repeatedly thrown large doo-doo balls, like monkeys in the zoo, in an attempt to make voters scared of the "nigra" without actually saying it out loud...because that would get some scrutiny for ya ass!
I wonder how it is not one woman has thrown an egg or tomato at this "woman" well save the fact that you'd probably get tased...I'm shocked at the lack of outrage by men as well,who have been told for years that we are dogs,so what does she do,she winks at us, as if to say "The word maverick is really code for key party"
Perhaps this pinhead is right. Maybe we should focus more on Obama/Biden. So much so that we completely erase the last eight years...erase the thought of another eight more years of that same Bushit...erase the idea that we even had to think about that in the first place.
Let us scrutinize the future. Let us be cognizant of what we allow ANY elected official to get away with.
The reason the Mcain/Palin campaign is so frustrated at the scrutiny is because what they have tried to force the public to believe has come to light to be false...when you start telling lies about people and you get proven wrong,the public will start to question why you were lying...and when they discover it is to cover your own ass while they get hit with the schit that you first threw...well I think they get pissed. When they discover that the only reason you are opposed to the truth is because you are the one who has been lying and stealing and hording...well then you end up having a nigra in the white house...then you have to pay your fair share...then you have to take responsibility for your mistakes and we the people no longer have to pay for them.
Recently I began questioning whether I hate rich people because I am not rich and the answer is no. I hate those of you who feel entitled to priveledge as if that can't go away or be taken away,as if you were born with some deed to all that you survey...and let's be real here, the idea that Mcain/Palin feels it is an almost disgusting and physically repulsive thought to "spread the wealth" of this country is YIH8uuu.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Watch ya back might be next

I bet a lot of you think I'm talking about an imaginary character from Philly who was a boxer that went waaay past his prime...even for Hollywood and overcame tremendous odds to beat the champ and then himself become champ. Well,I don't mind telling you that you're wrong.
No my friends I am talking about a flying squirrel who used to have a best friend by the name of Bullwinkle until Bullwinkle was tragically taken from us in a fly by.
Yes ladies and gentlemen,Sarah "The Closet Freak,Key swappin',Moose Killa" Palin, purposely shot and killed Bullwinkle.
Apparently part of the giant vortex of knowledge that she possesses (ppffftt..I can't even type that without laughing...and then cringing a little) does not include cartoon icons.
There are some reports, mainly on the internets, that when she was told that she was about to shoot the only talking moose alive;Bullwinkle,she winked a couple of times,stroked her shotgun barrel as if it were male genitalia and said;"Darn tootin!" She then turned to lean out the side of the helicopter and blasted the beloved American icon right between his majestic antlers.
This my friends is terrible news and I would hate to be the person to have to tell Rocky...maybe Boris can do it,if they let him into the country for the funeral. No doubt a closed casket ceremony as the body will have been dismembered and eaten or mounted on a wall somewhere,probably her wall once someone tells her who he was.
What's next? I mean are Yogi and Boo-boo on her hit list too,Daffy,Pluto....gasp...Tweety!? Will she kill all our beloved cartoon animals!
It's quite obvious to anyone watching the situation that she has some sort of vendetta against moose and wolves and polar bears and women and black people and gays. Maybe that urban legend is know the one about the little girl who's family was attacked and killed by a wild pack of moose,wolves,polar bears,women,blacks and gays. Yeah,they left her for dead and she grew up and grew strong in the forest vowing revenge against those who killed her family. I think she is drunk with power nor will she stop until she is ruling the land with an iron of nine tails,bustier,thigh-high boots and feathered handcuffs. Okay so that's a little fantastical but that is the vibe I get from her,there is a secret that she is holding on to about her past or her real wishes for the future that scare me and the fact that she is so readily able to kill animals scares me,whether for food or otherwise...and I don't mean scared like a husband is "scared" of his wife,I mean scared like hello she is the governor of a state in America, she is the focus of the national media and she couldn't identify a newpaper that she reads or has read!
I'll tell you what,if I were Mcain I would not go quail hunting with her. She's got a shotgun and she knows how to use it...just ask moose and squirrel.....oh wait she killed the moose and I'd watch my back if I was the squirrel.
I'll tell you what else too,the people who she panders to,are the first ones to start a fight and throw a punch,they live for conflict and the shedding of blood,they are the ones who want us to keep the killing going so that the body count keeps rising because anyone who is different from "us" is a target just like poor Bullwinkle and that is YIH8Uuu.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


What up! I'm back. Yeah you know it!
So last night there was another presidential debate,though only one of the candidates seemed presidential to me...I'll give you a hint it wasn't Mcain.
Nah not at all,as a matter of fact as I watched him,he slowly began to remind me of a time during my youth when my family lived in Brooklyn on Ocean Parkway.
More accurately put,he reminded me of an old man in the neighborhood who used to wear these dirty and soiled brown pants and walked very slowly while fondling his scrotum mumbling the words;"GRUB,GRUB."
In hindsight he may have actually been saying "grab,grab" as in grab,grab my balls.
I was a kid and well,even though he would have never caught one of us if we started running from him because he literally took tiny steps,we were scared of this guy.

None of us knew a heck of a lot about him,just that he was a scary son of a biscuit and gave some of us nightmares,well Mcain reminds me of that guy.
Perhaps it's his grumpy old man demeanor,or perhaps it's the fact that he can't lift his arms above his head,or maybe it's the fact that his nickname is "melanoma head"...okay I made that up but seriously what's up with this guy's health...does anybody know,as fact,what is wrong with his arms...was he tortured so severely that they removed parts of his shoulder muscles or something?
I'm not joking. I do really want to know what happened to his arms..and well,yes his face too as a matter of fact. Does anybody know?

Anyway as I watched the debate,I was struck by a couple of things,not the least of which was the attitude he had and maintained throughout the debate. He had this air of superiority over everyone in the room as if he were the only one who understood what was going on and why they were all there,the problem with that was the fact that he looked,on more than one occasion,as if he had wondered in off the street and was trying to find his nurse...who by the way was too busy trying to spread more fear that the "Nigra" isn't who he says he is,that we should spend more time digging up closed caskets to pull out any skeleton inside..except she has yet to open up her own graveyard full of fitting that I can use the word corpse in a piece about Mcain...I couldn't have planned that any better!

Another thing that bothered me in watching the debate were the several hand signals that were being communicated to non-attendees that were watching...okay so I'm a wee bit paranoid...I'm a black man living in'd be paranoid too...but I digress.
It just seemed to me that Mcain was trying to sneak up on Obama a couple of times during Obama's allotted time to if Obama was Charlie in one of Mcain's several flashbacks...and hey look I'm not saying having flashbacks is wrong..I have 'em all the time (I dropped a lot of Cid back in the day...thank you white boys!)
but I'm not running for president and do we really want a 72 year old matter how "present" he may be,no matter how "alert" he is..but do we really want that guy in charge of us all? With his finger on the button? He could easily mistake it for the one he uses to call for his nurse.
That would be like putting The Grub Grub Man in charge of all the kids in the schoolyard...he may not catch anybody but not one of those kids is gonna be happy and all of them will be afraid,aren't you ALL tired of being afraid?
Well I happen to know that the majority of us are,as indicated in the latest national polls (which by the way makes me come I never get polled...(not like that you sick freaks)have you ever been polled? Ladies,put your hands down.Again,I mean as in asked some political question that concerns this election)but for the remainder of you who still hide behind faith and lack of experience as reasons to vote for Mcain when in fact you're just scared to vote for the nigra because you enjoy fear and you hate black people...well this is YIH8Uuu.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Play Lotto, Bitchez!!!

So as everyone in the world knows by now and as many of us have read in the paper (though I read the writing on the wall years ago) America is pretty much broke. We are over a trillion dollars in debt,mostly to China..(I bet that really makes the purists happy,you better learn more Chinese besides "General Tsao's Chicken") Wall Street is finally getting caught out there for Greed..thanks Michael Douglas and even as major corporations go broke their CEOs get more bonuses. Well may I suggest that if you are not a CEO or on the board of some large corporation and are not expecting a large inheritance from one of them should they all die...(oooh wouldn't that be nice like in Brewster's Millions!!!) that you start buying those Mega Millions Lottery Tickets Bitchez!!!
I see some of you already figured that out because it seems no matter how "small" the jackpot, the line for it is ridiculous. I don't think that is such a bad idea given the current state of affairs here in the good ol' USA. It might quite possibly be your best shot at protecting your financial security and peace of mind.

If you are like me,you're laughing your ass off because you know this is what you have been talking about for...well since we "elected" a mentally challenged,alcohol dependent,former cokehead as president...that's right I said it...and I know you have too.
You are laughing because you hope that this will inevitably make people stand up and start sitting in on congressional meetings and votes on passing of bills and what have're laughing because REVOLUTION is like a week away...a week away from people breaking down the gates and walls of these lying,stealing,greedy and corrupt pigs like Richard Fuld who have pretty much sucked the bones dry...the bones of the hard working and weary and the too weary to stop working and take back what is rightfully theirs.
You are laughing because like me you work from check to check and a 401k plan is a fantasy you have about beating Lance Armstrong...
(who is a beast by the way...the man beat testicular cancer and then won the tour DE fifty times! HE should be an inspiration to us all...rather than the too many of us who are inspired by Sarah "the closet freak,got a coyote fur covered dungeon in our basement,moose shooting,subpoena ignoring" Palin and her "folksy" attitude...need I remind you all of your current "President" keep it up and you'll get exactly that for another eight fruckin years!)
and you know how to live when there seems to be no hope for tomorrow,you know how to survive when there is little to be had.

Buy them Lottery tickets bitchez! Then,maybe then you can get to live an an area close enough to these guys...close enough that when ever they drive through the neighborhood you can egg their cars..better yet key that schit!
Yeah,if you're like me you are laughing at the campaign tactics of a doddering old man who has no idea what the economy even means,which is why he is allowing his advisers to start the schit throwing hoping it will stick to something...and that my friends is the problem,these people don't understand that while they play games and throw schit at the fan it hits all of us,that's why we're buying lottery tickets instead of stocks in the first place...and that my friends is YIh8uuu.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Am I lying?

Alright look gottdammit! Let's finally cut the schit and call a spade a spade...and yes I said it on purpose. Let's face it head on and stop pussy-footin around the truth as if it were a herpes out break...the only real explanation for why some people want to clutch onto the past like it's heart medicine is because of what the G.O.P stands for...the Good 'ol Party...which basically means hatin' niggers (and the poor cause if you're broke you a nigger too)is okay and the way things should be.
The rich got rich and the poor got poorer because of slavery..America's not so secret dirty little secret. I know I sound like a broken record sometimes but c'mon let's be real here,do you honestly think that if Barack Obama was white this would even be close? Are you frudduckin kidding me? Hell no! It wouldn't matter to anybody that he chose Joe ("speech bitin") Biden...
I remember that from when I was a kid but that is here nor there...irrelevant...
the idea that I would want a former P.O.W who is now 72 years old as the President is astronomically can anybody truly,truthfully,honestly and logically defend that choice. I know it might not be politically correct to say this in public or in "the media"( I love how everybody blames the media like it's there fault for spinning whatever story to serve their parent companies needs) but why would I want the guy who got caught and captured and held prisoner probably tortured for six years as the fruckin President?!!! Explain that to me!
What if he has an Asian in his cabinet somewhere (it could happen) and one day he has a flashback of the war when he sees him or her. It could happen...the mind is a mysterious thing.
I won't even mention the "woman" he chose..rather "they" chose for him as his VeePee...okay yeah I will...ARE YOU FUCHING KIDDING ME!!!!!!????
Dude seriously...your nurse is your vice prez?
I don't understand women,this I know but how come none of you are outraged on a larger scale!? This close minded,closet freak swinger makes rape victims in her state,pay for their own rape kits...and for those of you who don't know,a rape kit is the evidenciary exam that you get as proof that you were in fact if actually getting raped wasn't traumatic enough you now have to pay for the rest of the humiliation.
She named her kid "Track".
I could see if there was a twin and he was named Field but there is no such twin to my knowledge. By the way has anyone seen that photo of her in the Stars and stripes bikini holding a shotgun? Swingers...her and her husband...most of these "conservatives" are...just go over the last eight years and look at the scandals in the administration..from the justice department,to the house and senate..these cats got fat and rich and had freaky nooky with young boys and girls....sometimes they got busted and I am sure that sometimes they did not.
Mcain has pretty much assured us that we ain't ever leaving Iraq under his watch and he would keep spending money on war every where...yeah! War! Fuch yeah! Well the only people who like war are getting richer off that schit! Are you getting rich off the war? No? And for those of you who say that she has a kid in the war she apparently had no idea he was going and he hasn't called her to say hi since he left. What kind of mother she must be...anybody? Anybody?
Oh well. Need I even mention the absolute ineptitude of this presidency...(or was it,some people believe this is part of the plan to bring destruction to in his dad (Herb)started the mess and Dubya...well you know what's going on outside and inside your homes)we are in debt up to our receding hairlines,debt mind you that is partially because of the war that was illegal and unjustified.

So I ask you what is it other than trickle down racism. From those who want to keep the stat.quo...well let's not forget the ignorant racist,the stereotypical character who has no idea that his great nation is one that cares less about him than me if I can consume more...these ignorant racists who have no idea that they are...because they "have a black friend" I don't blame them as much as I used to..I used to really hate back...but they are spawned from those rich fat closeted freaks and swingers who champion causes that they are usually on the wrong side of...I guess guilt does reach them on some level.
I don't blame the ignorant anymore because it is wrong to blame the victim and that is what they are. They are victims of generations of mind control and brain washing carried out through fear and misinformation and myth, separation and greed.
However I am a little annoyed that there are still so many of you out there. Those of you who actually know better and still...still you choose to be ignorant,to perpetuate ignorance,to teach ignorance...I am on to you though because I know that you aren't ignorant...quite the contrary you are a crafty,deceptive and deceitful master of trickery. Make us look over there when right in our faces you pull your little tricks...

Well,even though my eyes may be closed,it doesn't mean I am sleeping. I am watching you even if others are not and for as long as I live I will alert as many as I come into contact with about the attempts to destroy us from within...from within our very own hearts and minds.
And for those of you who would ignore the truth about yourselves and the ideas that you propagate and believe and allow yourselves to believe...this is YIH8Uuu.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


S'goin on everybody? Chillin? Cool.
I want to talk about hurricanes, if you couldn't ascertain from the title of this piece.
Actually,more accurately,I want to talk about an urban legend regarding hurricanes.
I want to talk about the idea that the formation of, to the path of every hurricane...ever,is the same path that slave ships took so many hundreds of years ago. I see that some of you look puzzled,some of you even look troubled. Look I know nobody wants to talk about slavery because of all that guilt and shame but I am the one writing so suck it up stop your bitchin and keep reading!
Sorry for yelling but you don't make this easy,it's bad enough I have to bring this up in the first place. Listen I know that it might be a stretch but honestly it is way more plausible than some of the stories you've been told over the years, so loosen up.
There is a wide range of the general public that believe in many of the urban legends that have been told over the years and it seems that there is a new one everyday but this one is special.
I think it is special,especially in the climate of the nation (USA) and in some cosmic way the world,since we are all connected,even if we are too stoopud to see that.
I think it is special because it is visually stunning and is an astounding representation of the power of nature,of how powerless man can actually be held and held in check. The awesome and mind numbing destruction and it's aftermath,how lives of people are changed forever.
Then there is the super-natural aspect of what the legend adds to it. The souls of the enslaved who did not survive the long, painful, physically and emotionally torturous journey are now creating their own destruction. Destruction that in turn shows "we the people" just how important or unimportant we are deemed by our "government."
How is it you ask I can tie politics into this topic? Well I was not the first to do it I would answer. Remember Katrina? Well now there's a new hurricane in town and his name is Ike and Ike hit Texas. This has led to the largest search and rescue mission in the history of Texas,no such luck in New Orleans,a place I am sure was a port for slave ships. If you look at a map you will recognize where all such ports were back then. Once you realize that,then you can move on to the hurricanes' paths...see?
In the midst of a presidential election in which we have the first black candidate for the presidency, issues that have psychologically screwed this nation up for hundreds of years are still not being addressed. On the one hand the old guy (Mcain) has no reason what so ever to discuss these issues and on the other hand the black guy (Obama) has to be very careful how he treads.
Nonetheless it is still my belief that much like ghost hunters,ufo,Elvis,Tupac and Biggie sightings okay well maybe not the last three but many of these so called urban legends need more exploration. Why some of them are not is easy to answer. It is because of what the consequences entail. If it were widely accepted that hurricanes follow along the same path as slave ships then we the people would have some serious repairing to do on many levels,not that we don't already. Honestly I am still waiting for my forty acres...fuck the mule.
Okay so maybe hurricanes isn't really what I am talking this point I'm not even sure but what I do know for sure is that it is a fact that all hurricanes start on the coast of Africa approximately where all the ships started and when you consider the paths that they all take...isn't it ironic? Or maybe it's karma...or maybe it's the souls of those enslaved who did not make it here...or did they?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

You are gonna die!!!!!

I'd like to start of by saying that like many of us who bother to put our thoughts into these magic boxes full of wires and electricity for whomever to see, this is my rehabilitation...welcome.
I have stated the obvious. You are in fact going to die. You just don't know when and it is this that we fear. The unknown of it all. As fuched up as life can be death must be a vacation because life is a bitch of a job. Even for those who are comfortable. I mean it must be very hard to keep other people from getting too anything that you want to keep them away from. After a while wouldn't it be almost impossible...eventually the dam has to break right?
Well I really feel like there is an irony in the way things are whizzing by us all...especially after 9/11..a subject that I don't really like talking about,honestly...honestly. But I feel like we all have been in a dream like state since then...just going about our daily lives in the midst of death all around us...the souls of those who lost there lives that day need to be fed and rested but the spectres of half truths,deceptions,misdirections,sidestepping and outright lies about the events of that day will not allow it...we pay for the death that we allow and each of those sacrifices demands justice and that justice is always another life.
What separates us in this "life" are the things that we create ourselves.
Everything else connects us but we are so busy fighting every war imaginable...crime,drugs,education,freedom (think about it) terror...the truth. The truth is that denial is also a state of America.
And all the creature comforts in the world will not help prepare you for the inevitable...sure they help you forget about the inevitable,deal with the living nightmare that is soften the harsh realities of the swirling man-made vortex of negativity and fear hanging over our heads that like ostriches we bury our heads and try to hide from.
I have good news though...there is a duality in it see,this much negativity could not grow with out hope being a result and a byproduct of that being action for change...the time is ripe for The Spiritual Evolution of Humanity...the time when we all begin to destroy our own fears and negativity from within,connecting and tapping into that universal energy that we all kill and destroy each other for in the first place...that power and connection to it all,so that you can release yourself and surrender with out fear into the unknown...the inevitable..
and if you can't or won't open your mind to it...well that's YI8Uuu.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Don't make me slap somebody!

Date: 2008-04-09, 12:54PM
Dear employers,
My name is Eric. I just go a call from a "talent agency".
The girl on the phone is named Chanel...sounds very much like she just got out of high school with absolutely no training in how to speak on a telephone like an adult doing a job for a business! Recently I had to visit a hospital,(Bellevue) the receptionist was also very much like Chanel no sensitivity training, no business decorum at all and this is a hospital!!!! I have more examples of the utter lack of business training, skills either social or even common these skills have been replaced by big boobs and pretty smiles..perhaps it is nepotism...maybe these girls are related to you point is simple,I sit here for what seems like weeks now looking for work..I see too many ads that require me to come into the city from Brooklyn when I could very easily send an electronic resume..but some of you are too lazy to check and answer your inbox,you'd rather have some hot chick walk in so you can stare at her boobs all day after you hire her no matter how little she is qualified. I am not saying that I am or have a Masters,BA or BFA,that I will make your business a fortune 500 over night but I can tell you that I am experienced in the workforce and my experience has taught me that I probably don't want to work for you're lazy,incompetent,arrogant and inconsiderate to think I have..nay..WE have the money to go traipsing around Manhattan everyday in the hopes to get hired on the spot... that is unless you got a nice rack..then you're guaranteed a job!!!