Thursday, September 4, 2008

Don't make me slap somebody!

Date: 2008-04-09, 12:54PM
Dear employers,
My name is Eric. I just go a call from a "talent agency".
The girl on the phone is named Chanel...sounds very much like she just got out of high school with absolutely no training in how to speak on a telephone like an adult doing a job for a business! Recently I had to visit a hospital,(Bellevue) the receptionist was also very much like Chanel no sensitivity training, no business decorum at all and this is a hospital!!!! I have more examples of the utter lack of business training, skills either social or even common these skills have been replaced by big boobs and pretty smiles..perhaps it is nepotism...maybe these girls are related to you point is simple,I sit here for what seems like weeks now looking for work..I see too many ads that require me to come into the city from Brooklyn when I could very easily send an electronic resume..but some of you are too lazy to check and answer your inbox,you'd rather have some hot chick walk in so you can stare at her boobs all day after you hire her no matter how little she is qualified. I am not saying that I am or have a Masters,BA or BFA,that I will make your business a fortune 500 over night but I can tell you that I am experienced in the workforce and my experience has taught me that I probably don't want to work for you're lazy,incompetent,arrogant and inconsiderate to think I have..nay..WE have the money to go traipsing around Manhattan everyday in the hopes to get hired on the spot... that is unless you got a nice rack..then you're guaranteed a job!!!

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