Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fu@% Kourtney, Fu@% Khloe and fu@% Kim too...

So before I begin, let me just say that it feels good to be back writing again.
Now what brings me to the lab tonight is this new E channel show the Kourtney & Khloe blah, blah, blah...WTF! Are you kidding me?! What the fuck happened in this country where we just let any talentless skank get a television show? Oh wait I forgot Kim fuched Brandi's little brother for that spot...right, right sorry. But then that makes me ask where did all the money come from? Hmm...who was moms blowing to get the fortune? I better Google that schit before you all jump on me for not knowing, when you should be asking yourself who moms was blowing!
It is apparently is a family trait. Then ask yourself why are we glorifying that shit? Why are we teaching our little girls that suckin dillz can get you frills. But the problem is even deeper than the superficial dissing I'm doing right now.
Honestly though, who gives a flying fuch about whether this bitch has a coke problem?!!!
We know she has a fuchin coke problem!
Schit, I had a fuchin coke problem for a while and I was a broke ni&&a most of the time, she's a rich, talentless, spoiled, slutty, relatively young white woman in America.
Where do you think all that coke on all those dollar bills comes from ya morons?!?
So in this episode that I eventually change the channel on, one of the Interchangeable Twins is questioned about her drug problem, she and her sister "The Inhaler" argue over which one of them is doing more to boost business (which I can only assume means who is cupping more ballz or unclogging more pipes) and the other one disappeared into the background, kinda like Jan Brady. The most ridiculous thing to me was this idea that this business is legitimate.
Bitchez, it was a gift that eventually you will break and destroy and then be given a replacement. Where do you get the King Kong balls to broadcast this nonsense? What makes any of you so fuchin important?

I haven't even begun.

I realize that this all seems so venomous. And truth be told...yeah it is definitely purposeful and that purpose being WAKE UP! We can not allow these over privileged rich kids to take over the world...based solely on the fact that their parents have money that they otherwise have no clue what to do with. This is not a joke. It is a waste, or, is it a plan?
From dead eyes Paris to fat ass Kim there is a whole new generation of soul less ghouls spewing out all this bile schitting on us. Can we please stop taking schit showers? It's really starting to stink. I can almost understand our celebrity obsession, I mean it's been around forever but these silly, brainless, koch smoking ("Let's go to the video tape!" big up to Warner Wolf), dirty debutantes (big up to Ed Powers..lmfao!) aren't even celebrities!!! They are amateur porn stars at best. And yeah I'm a hypocrite because I'll watch that schit for free online. I will add however that this would be the only way I'd ever watch them on purpose! Happy now? I admitted something about myself.

Now back to topic. Fu@& these mattress testers. They only further the dumbing down of our country which we then spread to other parts of the world like a virus, then before you know it, the whole world is just a planet full of Twinkie heads unable to defend itself against the much more intelligent aliens who come to eat us...whoa, that stuff is stronger than it tastes. point is the same one that I often try to make about "us" , "we the people", that point being, we are letting the least important things dominate our lives, we are caught between that rock and hard place. Whether to step up and face what torments us or to keep going forward in the same direction, on the familiar road to oblivion. Revolution, starts in the heart and mind but we are so brainwashed to help keep the status quo that we manufacture and reward these miserable cee words with a television show. Believe it or not but E is almost as bad as BET...I'm not blaming television because it is and has been entertaining for me since I was a kid but I guess because there are so many more channels there seems to me to be a lot more bullschit to watch and we're watching it at an alarming clip! I mean, really E channel? I'm so disgusted that I can't even think straight...
WTF was I talking about? Oh yeah, the KKK. Coincidence? Probably..but damn. C'mon!
Look I'm just voicing an opinion that I think many of us regular folk share. Our disgust at the fact that too often in our everyday lives we have to deal with these self important twits, who happen to have more money...but now I gotta worry about more of them being manufactured copy cat style? Now I gotta worry about sheeple trying to be sweet smelling pigs?! Because that's what they are, the bourgeois, the symbol of what is despised about ourselves. The gluttony, the vanity, the promotion of false idols, the pride. I am not a "religious" man but my spirit is weary of all the excess and facade. And if allowed to continue unchecked then reality dictates that the evolution of what happens next will...well, remember what I said about your kids in the book? They are becoming like you...and more and more like them too. Always whining, wanting, gimme, gimme, mine, mine, mine! Undeserving yet always taking.
Ya know, if you were all just "taking it" I'd be waaay more interested but you're not, you're taking up valuable time, space and oxygen to talk and say dumb schit all the time (when you should only open your mouths to swallow) and this is YIH8Uuu.

Keep spreadin that love.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sweep It Under The Rug

YEAH thats right...I'M BACK bitchez!

IT has been quite a long time, since I graced you all with my presence, my wisdom and my awfully skewed view of this big chunk of dirt we call earth. Since my last communique we have elected our nations first black president and the world lost it's collective mind because, unfortunately too many naive people, whether black or white really believed that all our blemishes of the past were magically wiped away with Pro-Active (and no that is not an endorsement). So while we now argue about getting better health care...seriously? We're arguing over better health care?! No, we're arguing about an HNIC for real, this time, not on television or in a movie, this ain't President Palmer or Putney Swope! This is a real life niggra president!

YEAH I SAID IT!!!<(like they haven't!) People are still scared SCHITLESS!
AND meanwhile we still struggle, whether you want to admit it or not we all still suffer from that fateful day with questions to answers and still no answers.

My wife and I have gone to and returned from Switzerland, it's a nice place to visit and I would LOVE to live there! I felt such a sense of safety and security there, perhaps because being a black man from America I felt like nobody was gonna fuch with me regardless but even in the "bad" part of town (a park where drugs are sold predominantly by Africans) I never felt any sense of danger or risk. Considering the mind fuch that we as a nation have been living through over the last..what..ten years now...(close enough to ten), any sense of safety is something we all would like to comprehend at a deeper level. Hmm?

FOLKS that I once complained about are still on the loose making life for the rest of us more difficult. I still suffer from OPS (other people's stupidity) and nothing I have written about in the past has come to pass, well none of the positive stuff anyway.

We still drop our stress on each other and make life miserable, has nothing I wrote made a dent in your thick skulls or pierced your hardened hearts?! And as I sit here watching Spike Lee's documentary about hurricane Katrina, it all becomes a little clearer, not only do we as a nation have short memory spans but we also have a collective need to sweep everything under the rug and forget about the past.

I really am curious, what are white folks so scared of, actually why are you even scared in the first place? Where does this "guilt" that you speak of come from? Is it possible that fear comes from your guilt? Because your ancestors enslaved raped and killed my ancestors and you think that it would be logical for the commander in chief to look out for his own? It does stand to reason that could happen. My question though is why you have a problem with that? See, now we get into the tender part.

SOME time ago I watched Bill Maher's show and he had John McCain's daughter on as a guest. Her running theme seemed to be that we should just "move on", as if we should just forget our nations history and "let it go." She seemed to me to deflect her lack of knowledge on just about anything (besides cuppin the balls) with this idea that anyone opposed to the arcane ideas of her father's party (Republican) is some yahoo who isn't part of the American fabric. In other words, poor or "non-white" (which means poor or black, hope you're not both).

AS a black man in America I can say with a reasonable degree of certainty that the fabric that is the makeup of America was made by us, from the picking of the cotton to the actual stitching of the rug. Not to mention who raised and continues to raise your kids, your bratty, whiny, spoiled because you can't control 'em so you have to bribe 'em kids. None of you could have such a sense of entitlement if it were not for the way things were laid out for many of you and the built in advantages we aren't privy to even now. Or how most of the old money was kept safe by making the sons go into the family business and marrying his cousin...its happened some very prominent families. But again we sweep it under the rug...out of sight out of mind.

PLEASE folks don't get me wrong, I know none of you had anything to do with the past intentionally but you continue to reap the rewards without remorse and all the apologies and "guilt" won't make the issue go away, from Tuskeegee, to Emmit, from Rodney to MLK and from fourty acres and a mule to the afforementioned Katrina the constant injustices makes you wonder deep down, don't they...they make you wonder...WHEN? When will the scales tip the other way and how frightening will the result be to live through. Run out and get your black friend TODAY!!!

So many of us all have forgotten that we are nothing more than a result of our experiences and having been born and bred in this country automatically strickens you with sickness. Our experiences are vastly different even though we share the same air...
So while more of my young brothers have to get their education in"hustlin'" at an earlier age, picking up certain skills that will be key to their survival, their white counter parts need only worry about picking a school.

WHILE watching the documentary the thought occured to me that what happened down there was murder. That my government wanted to evict the poor and black citizens for whatever reason, by any means necessary. That knowing full well the dangers of the coming storm and the state of the levees (the lack of their effectiveness) they just let thousands of more black people die, the more the merrier I thought and the fact that I even have such a thought is fuched up, I said out loud...we got a black president...yeah but it took over a century...and apparently there are still way too many people who feel it should never have happened and you can tell by all these town hall meetings, where the shouting and the anger isn't even hidden then I looked under the rug...this is YIH8uuu.