Thursday, December 31, 2009

It all started back in.... "Nine-teen eeeighty NINE! The number. Another summer. Hit me. Sound of the funky drummer! Music hittin' ya hard 'cause I know ya got soooul." - Chuck D. & Flavor Flav, from the hit song, "Fight The Power!" When I began to consciously and deliberately question and defy authority, with a cause or at least my own ideas of right/wrong. Fight the Power indeed.

Technically it started from the time I was able to read. My pops taught me to question authority and to not swallow bullschit just because it comes from someone "in charge." It made life difficult at times but I wouldn't have it any other way. Too bad we didn't follow that concept during the last decade hunh? And well considering that around '89 was when the whole Iraq conflict began to bubble over...yes I realize that we didn't go into Iraq until, what, '91 but even back as far as '85 there were issues concerning our relationship with them.

That ain't the point anyway. The point is let's hope that what we have witnessed over the last decade is not a prelude for what is to come...and yes I am fully aware that we have a black President, now...stop using that as a gauge for how far we have come because if that's what your going to use as your yardstick then it still doesn't measure up to the mile high load of bullschit the citizens of this country have gone through...and that's only in the last decade!!! Honestly I'm still waiting for the two hour feature of all the dumb quotes from GDub. I'm sure there is easily two hours worth of stuff, as a matter of fact I bet we could make a DVD box set complete with out takes and behind the scenes footage that would last sixteen seasons because even though there were eight years of his Presidency there was twice the hilarity!

I hope that we have learned the hard way that we don't have to learn things the hard way. There is a such thing as foresight, common sense, open mindedness and acceptance. All things that we have failed to exercise in the last decade. Come to think about it it really started in 1999 with that whole Y2K madness. Remember that? Everyone thought that everything would stop functioning properly on December 31st. exactly at midnight. Some even thought it was the end of the world, as if time all over the world would sync up right at that moment. That was how we ushered in the start of the 21st century, with fear and ignorance, yet we were unable to see what was clearly an indication of the beginning of "The Time of The Daft"
And does anybody remember that election in 2000? Wow! Will we ever be able to live that down? I mean we are still suffering from the results of that first stolen election...and speaking of which will anyone ever be brought to justice because of that debacle? I mean isn't anybody interested in the truth, which we all know by now was a conspiracy to hijack an election. Well I guess once we buried our heads in the sand it was much easier to keep them there.

And what about 9/11 since we're on the topic of untold truths. Now here was an event that has forever changed our lives, though it apparently has not changed how we deal with security at our airports. Well save the fact that you have to take your shoes off when going through screening...and the whole no liquids allowed on board..unless it's liquor you buy at the duty free shop..but tooth paste or shampoo plus a litany of other liquids or liquid like substances are dangerous. If there is anything funny about that day (which there is not) it's be the after effects on our psyches as a nation and what we were willing to believe concerning who was responsible. Not to mention what we were willing to give up because of what we were told to be true. It was as if we were all children being told one of those tall tales that even as a child we knew were not true but we were hurt and shocked and the answers seemed to quell that pain somehow...and here we are almost ten years later...still hurting and realizing that perhaps what we were told was not true, perhaps it was a down right bold faced lie. Yet we do not get angry, we just keep plodding on with our lives.

Some guy named Bernie Madoff (with yall money) during this whole time was in essence, stealing billions of dollars from unsuspecting investors. Investors mind you who couldn't wait to give their money away to this old douche. Now as bad as it might sound, I bet a majority of those who invested were a part of the Jewish community. There is nothing wrong there but if not for the secular nature of that community perhaps someone from it would have alerted authorities to the impossible results that he was supposedly capable of getting for them all. All I am saying is that I haven't heard of many minorities who were directly affected by this man's scheme, other than the one's who were the beneficiaries of charitable donations from the wealthy. Why is that? In my opinion it's part of the much broader problems this nation still can't admit we have.

We are a nation where the below average individual can become President, where the talentless can garner fame and recognition, where a woman is given more shine after her sex tape or some other scandalous behavior comes to light, yet we still have such puritanical ideas about sexuality. This is a nation where we say one thing and do another. A nation with a short memory and an even shorter attention span. We forgive those who have lied to, stolen from and made fools of us and are unforgiving to those who deserve our respect and admiration. We are not entirely to blame however and there is a way to get back on the right track. We can start by holding these crooks accountable and taking more responsibility for our lack of action. But I bet we are still more concerned with "celebrity" television. Whether another "star" has a hard time with paparazzi following them from the airport or who is adopting another kid from a third world country. I guess that should be commended and I do commend you for that but I still h8uuu.

keep spreadin that love


Friday, December 4, 2009

God and You.

"Believe it or not I'm walking on air, I never thought I could be so free-ee-ee...flying away on a wing and a prayer...who could it be? Believe it or not it's just me."
They ought to bring that show back on television or better yet make it a movie.
Maybe starring that kid from Super Bad...John Cena, no wait Cera...somebody like that.
That show was the bomb back in the dizzle! The Greatest American Hero. It starred William Katt, who would later star in "House" (also the bomb!) as your run of the mill teacher or something. One night he is visited by aliens and is given a suit that grants him super-human abilities, however he loses the instructions on how to use the suit, like the run of the mill guy that he is written to be. For it's time it was a really good show and honestly I think it would still hold up to some of the crap that assaults and infects our senses on television these days.
Now as far fetched as the plot line seems and I mean c'mon..pffft, aliens?
But doesn't it remind you of some other "stories" we've been told? Let's not even mention some of the propped up and or propaganda glazed versions of many of these "stories" okay, enough of the quotation marks, I'm talking about religions and their many facets.

Why is it whenever innocent people are made to suffer for the greed and power lust of men whether from the church or in government, it is always "the will of God" but when the people rise up against the injustices that they pay for by way of unjustified taxes, it is against the law, under God, thereby against God.
The lack of separation between church and state through out the globe is the status quo.
Yet through out much of the world injustices against poor and suffering people go unchecked, indeed they worsen. Liberty and justice for all, under God and indivisible...remains but a slogan on a dirty tee-shirt worn by a redneck, who also owns a tee-shirt that reads "kill 'em all...let God sort 'em out."
It is truly amazing how much "freedom" costs. As a matter of fact the price tag keeps growing. Under the current administration things don't look like they are going to change either, as we move our quest for global "freedom" from Iraq (where we have been since the early 80's as people like to forget whenever they talk about this war) to Afghanistan. I told yous in the book* that Barack is still just a politician, he too had to make his affiliation with the right God in public in order to be president ya know.
And we still lay it all, everything, at the feet of God, it's all in his name...whatever that may be.

I'd be an idiot if I didn't mention the recent vote in NY against gay marriage. WTF!!! Really?
Nobody will admit it but God's behind that one too, because he secretly told those 18 or so lawmakers who openly said they would vote in favor of it, to vote against.
But see that's what I'm talking about.
You have any idea how many people there are out there who use God for their own matter the situation...that my friends is God and you.
Hold on this is gonna make sense at some me.

In religion the big theme seems to be this idea of love for your fellow man.
So how is it possible to kill anyone in the name of God. To impede any one's pursuit of happiness. To impose your idea of what is best for them in his name. To interpret the teachings of any holy book as a means to treat people with malevolence because of who or how they worship, or who they are attracted to, or the color of their skin.
How come God is so violent? Why is he so angry at us?
It's almost as if you all advocate child abuse, he is after all, our father, right? It's like you turned God into an angry, abusive alcoholic father, who comes home from work every night and beats the crap out of his kids.

All I'm saying is stop forcing your God down every body's throats, making him what you want him to be in order for you to become that much more powerful. And as a means to kill at your whimsy or to declare that "they" are infidels and evil doers, just to insure the people will incite and rally around your cries to pray to Him for the deaths of all enemies.
First you keep telling us that we should develop a relationship with God but then we have to do it the way you say? Don't you think that's confusing, shouldn't my relationship with God be personal? How come you all up in it then?! And another thing...stop forgoing logic in your explanation of things when you are questioned. I realize that not everything has a logical explanation, that there are still things that are truly mysterious and without answer but to completely abandon logic is something I will not and cannot do.

Making God all knowing all seeing and all powerful is also very convenient for you as well, it makes it easier to keep everybody afraid to use their senses...the very same that God gave them, to see through your lies about him.
He is not angry, as a matter of fact he is forgiving and he loves us all, none more than the other because we are not capable enough to receive that powerful a love one on one yet. But collectively, we can and I think that is the only way we ever will. This is what the most powerful men in religions don't want you to know. It's not you who needs them to see God, they need you to stay in business. All you need is each other. You need yourself, you need your heart to be open to the love of who and what surrounds you...but unfortunately we are so blind on this earth, that we can't even see the love we are capable of giving each other much less the love of God.
The funny thing about all of this is, he knows this and he also knows that this is YIH8uuu.

Keep spreadin' that love
eventually it'll take.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Author Eyes

Wow what a week that was hunh? Hope yous all had a happy slaughter of the native peoples day. People get upset when I say that but imagine how "American Indians" feel every year during that day! Anyway today I want to talk about art...well not exactly but...well you'll see what I mean.
As some of you might know I wrote a frikkin book! Excuse my excitement but I WROTE A FRIKKIN BOOK! I have always wanted to do that deep down and on that first day when I sat down to begin I had already known what I wanted to write. Not the great American novel but my story. A "Hey world here I am in all my glory" sort of a thing. A beginners foray into the literary world. My main focus was just getting it all out or at the very least getting as much of it out as I could muster. Due to the deeply personal nature of the material it was a very difficult undertaking.
Honestly when I began I didn't even think about editing, which I did myself. I didn't think about publishing, which I also did myself. And I definitely did not think about marketing which guess what..yup, I'm doing myself. What I did think about was whether or not people would relate, whether or not it was worth reading, whether the thoughts, ideas and stories that I put in it were entertaining and or evocative. Once I was done though, I absolutely believed that I had accomplished what I set out to do. That what I had written was indeed entertaining. What I didn't know, rather what I was not really ready for was all the critiques, whether good or bad.
About a week ago I read a comment about how badly it was written, about the mistakes and run on sentences, line breaks etc.
In my defense (as if I need to defend myself...that would make me defensive wouldn't it?) I just want to say that I am not so bad. My work is pretty self explanatory, I make no attempts to be witty or either is or it ain't. Also I tell you up front what you will be reading. But my point is simple. Punctuation does not a good book make. Does it?
I get that readers in many cases are avid and voracious in their appetites for good books to read.
But what constitutes good material?
Whenever I see people reading a book, first of all I'm shocked...I mean who reads books anymore? In the world of personal entertainment devices (forever to be known as PED's from now on) I asked myself what the fuch is the point? I told myself that nobody would even buy a copy and though incredibly happy and grateful when copies were bought I was more shocked than anything else. So when I read these comments about line breaks and run on sentences it was disappointing, especially because there was no mention of whether they liked or disliked it on the whole, just leaving me to wonder.
Look folks, for any of you who are severely disappointed by typos then you probably wouldn't read this're probably NOT reading THIS right now so, again whatever wisdom I might have falls on deaf ears...which is fine, I mean I usually end up preaching to the choir* anyway.
Perhaps I am an acquired taste like Steven King, David Lynch, John Waters, or Jim Jarmusch. Not that I am comparing myself to them but at first didn't we all think they were weird, then...brilliant!? Perhaps I hafta die first? Now I know I spelled that word wrong but I spell fuck wrong all the time purposely too.
I guess being my first book...and the way things are going maybe my last, even though I know I have another one in me...ooh this is a wicked awesome run on may take a while for people to get my "style" but I can deal with that. What I can't deal with is taking criticism from people who didn't even read the damn thing! Yeah. That has apparently also happened as well... I get that maybe you read it and didn't like it because you didn't get it but at least you read the damn thang! How the fuch <-(need I explain that?) can you apply your opinion to something you have never read?
Dare I say, as a writer, all I want to be is entertaining and on a personal level make people see how relatable we are to one and other. I accept the fact that I will not be able to please all the people all the time, schit as a matter of fact I don't expect much love from the general public at all, I've already seen how they treat their own but don't critique up front without having seen what's inside. That's just wrong.
Lastly the subject matter for most of the book is dealt with such informality that I find it hard to believe that punctuation and syntax would be such a point of issue. I mean the entire book is written almost in slang. But as I have been saying for quite some time's not me it's yous...what I criticize about yous is your apathy toward each other among other things and your denial of such things (denial isn't just a river in Egypt it's also a state of America) but when I put my life up on display you criticize my grammar and punctuation? You forget that roses grow from bullshit so keep piling it on by the time you're done I will have a beautiful garden. But this ain't YIh8uuu...actually, today...I just do.

Keep spreadin' that love
eventually it'll take.

*From the book "Best Laid Plans" by Eric Ellis Brown
Page 168 from the chapter titled Political Aspirations & Spritual Beliefs