Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Author Eyes

Wow what a week that was hunh? Hope yous all had a happy slaughter of the native peoples day. People get upset when I say that but imagine how "American Indians" feel every year during that day! Anyway today I want to talk about art...well not exactly but...well you'll see what I mean.
As some of you might know I wrote a frikkin book! Excuse my excitement but I WROTE A FRIKKIN BOOK! I have always wanted to do that deep down and on that first day when I sat down to begin I had already known what I wanted to write. Not the great American novel but my story. A "Hey world here I am in all my glory" sort of a thing. A beginners foray into the literary world. My main focus was just getting it all out or at the very least getting as much of it out as I could muster. Due to the deeply personal nature of the material it was a very difficult undertaking.
Honestly when I began I didn't even think about editing, which I did myself. I didn't think about publishing, which I also did myself. And I definitely did not think about marketing which guess what..yup, I'm doing myself. What I did think about was whether or not people would relate, whether or not it was worth reading, whether the thoughts, ideas and stories that I put in it were entertaining and or evocative. Once I was done though, I absolutely believed that I had accomplished what I set out to do. That what I had written was indeed entertaining. What I didn't know, rather what I was not really ready for was all the critiques, whether good or bad.
About a week ago I read a comment about how badly it was written, about the mistakes and run on sentences, line breaks etc.
In my defense (as if I need to defend myself...that would make me defensive wouldn't it?) I just want to say that I am not so bad. My work is pretty self explanatory, I make no attempts to be witty or prolific..it either is or it ain't. Also I tell you up front what you will be reading. But my point is simple. Punctuation does not a good book make. Does it?
I get that readers in many cases are avid and voracious in their appetites for good books to read.
But what constitutes good material?
Whenever I see people reading a book, first of all I'm shocked...I mean who reads books anymore? In the world of personal entertainment devices (forever to be known as PED's from now on) I asked myself what the fuch is the point? I told myself that nobody would even buy a copy and though incredibly happy and grateful when copies were bought I was more shocked than anything else. So when I read these comments about line breaks and run on sentences it was disappointing, especially because there was no mention of whether they liked or disliked it on the whole, just leaving me to wonder.
Look folks, for any of you who are severely disappointed by typos then you probably wouldn't read this anyway...you're probably NOT reading THIS right now so, again whatever wisdom I might have falls on deaf ears...which is fine, I mean I usually end up preaching to the choir* anyway.
Perhaps I am an acquired taste like Steven King, David Lynch, John Waters, or Jim Jarmusch. Not that I am comparing myself to them but at first didn't we all think they were weird, then...brilliant!? Perhaps I hafta die first? Now I know I spelled that word wrong but I spell fuck wrong all the time purposely too.
I guess being my first book...and the way things are going maybe my last, even though I know I have another one in me...ooh this is a wicked awesome run on sentence...it may take a while for people to get my "style" but I can deal with that. What I can't deal with is taking criticism from people who didn't even read the damn thing! Yeah. That has apparently also happened as well... I get that maybe you read it and didn't like it because you didn't get it but at least you read the damn thang! How the fuch <-(need I explain that?) can you apply your opinion to something you have never read?
Dare I say, as a writer, all I want to be is entertaining and on a personal level make people see how relatable we are to one and other. I accept the fact that I will not be able to please all the people all the time, schit as a matter of fact I don't expect much love from the general public at all, I've already seen how they treat their own but don't critique up front without having seen what's inside. That's just wrong.
Lastly the subject matter for most of the book is dealt with such informality that I find it hard to believe that punctuation and syntax would be such a point of issue. I mean the entire book is written almost in slang. But as I have been saying for quite some time now..it's not me it's yous...what I criticize about yous is your apathy toward each other among other things and your denial of such things (denial isn't just a river in Egypt it's also a state of America) but when I put my life up on display you criticize my grammar and punctuation? You forget that roses grow from bullshit so keep piling it on by the time you're done I will have a beautiful garden. But this ain't YIh8uuu...actually, today...I just do.

Keep spreadin' that love
eventually it'll take.

*From the book "Best Laid Plans" by Eric Ellis Brown
Page 168 from the chapter titled Political Aspirations & Spritual Beliefs

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