Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Why occupy

I hate to break it to you all. But this is about more than the greed on Wall street. The greed on wall street is nothing new. It is pervasive. It is the norm.
Gordon Gekko though a fictional character proved that way back in the eighties because clearly that was the mantra. Practiced and preached.
Millions of Americans fleeced and forced to pick up the check. And if you know your history you know it's not the first time.
This is about more than billion dollar bonuses, being flouted in the faces of the American people, who face increasing disproportions in poverty, low-wages, hunger, drug addiction and incarceration just to name a few. And as disgusting as that sounds billion dollar bonuses do exist. There are ways for these financial terrorists to continue to get away with the great acts of mercenary, treachery, malice and plain disregard for the welfare (oh gosh I said the word welfare) of the American people. Their fellow citizens. These men placed their value at 1,000 times your own.
But this isn't about that. Well not entirely.

You see this is about the fact that these United States can only unite under tragedy and even then only temporarily.
This is about the fact that our "Founding Fathers" knew that they themselves were not perfect men.
They owned slaves!! Stolen Africans who often died en route to America. People as property for generations. They knew that the foundation was faulty.
They knew that the debt for that would have to be paid, yet that has not come to pass.
This is about the fact that the dream of equality among all citizens is still not a reality.
This is about the reality of the fact that women are treated unfairly, they are abused, targeted, objectified raped and worse.
Gays and lesbians are told that they are an abomination in the eyes of God, the same god who created them. These so called Christians claim that they are pro-life, just as long as you don't grow up to be gay or lesbian because then you may be killed, in the name of God. Yet these same Christians defend excess and greed?
Our more perfect union is as divided as ever. And why, because a few men don't want to be responsible human beings. They would rather wallow in our disgust and in loathsome fashion enjoy the role of villain. They would gladly send your sons and daughters, brothers and sisters into battle against more people of color, who are poor. And these men scream "class warfare" as if the war being waged against the middle class and working poor doesn't exist and hasn't been taking place for decades in America.
While the cost of living has increased our wages have gone down in comparison, the mayor claims to want to improve your quality of life yet ignores your voice particularly if you are poor because your need for a good, living wage job and an opportunity to elevate your quality of life in this city does not equal the need for the wealthy to stay here in this city. It has become you or the rich and the rich have won. They can easily survive the rising cost of living while we at the bottom, who uphold the laws and are the back bone of the country are left to drown as the waters rise, like rats in a race, inside a maze. Black and white alike, this poverty has crossed colors and while it was of no real concern to the country when poverty's grip had a foothold predominately in cities where the citizens are historically, predominately black, Latino and some immigrants.

Those of us who would do something about these issues, whether it be speak out, rally, march or at worst riot it is out of the need for a profound shift in equality and justice for Americans and those who wish to be American in America, the land of promise and opportunity. Except those opportunities are few and the ones that exist are coveted and kept exclusive from those who need them most. The hoarding from the fleecing of Americans began a long time ago. Real Americans by literal definition of the word. And nothing has been done for these Americans.
A man spent billions of Americans' money on a war that only made his father's friends wealthier while sucking the life force from the economy, from the American people. And nothing has been done. We the people have accepted far too many lies, deceits, thefts, assaults on our intelligence and assassinations of important and dynamic leaders of the people. Some of our fellow citizens have seen hard times before and they know how bad it is and how bad it can be. They shouldn't have to see that. Their children's children shouldn't be going to bed hungry. Not in the richest country in the world, not in America and in today's world with today's technology it shouldn't be happening anywhere.
In the more perfect union we American dream ourselves having we are a beacon of freedom, generosity and a shining example of hopes being realized. But alas what we have today is a bastardized version of imperialists exercising their will over government and thereby the people. Where is our America?
It has been hijacked. Kidnapped and it is being held for ransom, except the ransom has been more than paid. Yet they want more. What can we do?
We must stand together and accept nothing short of justice as the result of our unification.
We can not make deals with these terrorists. We must be observant of it happening again in the future and mindful of ways to prevent it from happening again but if it should happen again we must demand that the American people not be held responsible for the glut and abuse of power by a few. And if you think the mess we are in is anything less sinister than that then this is YIh8uuu.

Keep spreadin that love.