Thursday, December 31, 2009

It all started back in.... "Nine-teen eeeighty NINE! The number. Another summer. Hit me. Sound of the funky drummer! Music hittin' ya hard 'cause I know ya got soooul." - Chuck D. & Flavor Flav, from the hit song, "Fight The Power!" When I began to consciously and deliberately question and defy authority, with a cause or at least my own ideas of right/wrong. Fight the Power indeed.

Technically it started from the time I was able to read. My pops taught me to question authority and to not swallow bullschit just because it comes from someone "in charge." It made life difficult at times but I wouldn't have it any other way. Too bad we didn't follow that concept during the last decade hunh? And well considering that around '89 was when the whole Iraq conflict began to bubble over...yes I realize that we didn't go into Iraq until, what, '91 but even back as far as '85 there were issues concerning our relationship with them.

That ain't the point anyway. The point is let's hope that what we have witnessed over the last decade is not a prelude for what is to come...and yes I am fully aware that we have a black President, now...stop using that as a gauge for how far we have come because if that's what your going to use as your yardstick then it still doesn't measure up to the mile high load of bullschit the citizens of this country have gone through...and that's only in the last decade!!! Honestly I'm still waiting for the two hour feature of all the dumb quotes from GDub. I'm sure there is easily two hours worth of stuff, as a matter of fact I bet we could make a DVD box set complete with out takes and behind the scenes footage that would last sixteen seasons because even though there were eight years of his Presidency there was twice the hilarity!

I hope that we have learned the hard way that we don't have to learn things the hard way. There is a such thing as foresight, common sense, open mindedness and acceptance. All things that we have failed to exercise in the last decade. Come to think about it it really started in 1999 with that whole Y2K madness. Remember that? Everyone thought that everything would stop functioning properly on December 31st. exactly at midnight. Some even thought it was the end of the world, as if time all over the world would sync up right at that moment. That was how we ushered in the start of the 21st century, with fear and ignorance, yet we were unable to see what was clearly an indication of the beginning of "The Time of The Daft"
And does anybody remember that election in 2000? Wow! Will we ever be able to live that down? I mean we are still suffering from the results of that first stolen election...and speaking of which will anyone ever be brought to justice because of that debacle? I mean isn't anybody interested in the truth, which we all know by now was a conspiracy to hijack an election. Well I guess once we buried our heads in the sand it was much easier to keep them there.

And what about 9/11 since we're on the topic of untold truths. Now here was an event that has forever changed our lives, though it apparently has not changed how we deal with security at our airports. Well save the fact that you have to take your shoes off when going through screening...and the whole no liquids allowed on board..unless it's liquor you buy at the duty free shop..but tooth paste or shampoo plus a litany of other liquids or liquid like substances are dangerous. If there is anything funny about that day (which there is not) it's be the after effects on our psyches as a nation and what we were willing to believe concerning who was responsible. Not to mention what we were willing to give up because of what we were told to be true. It was as if we were all children being told one of those tall tales that even as a child we knew were not true but we were hurt and shocked and the answers seemed to quell that pain somehow...and here we are almost ten years later...still hurting and realizing that perhaps what we were told was not true, perhaps it was a down right bold faced lie. Yet we do not get angry, we just keep plodding on with our lives.

Some guy named Bernie Madoff (with yall money) during this whole time was in essence, stealing billions of dollars from unsuspecting investors. Investors mind you who couldn't wait to give their money away to this old douche. Now as bad as it might sound, I bet a majority of those who invested were a part of the Jewish community. There is nothing wrong there but if not for the secular nature of that community perhaps someone from it would have alerted authorities to the impossible results that he was supposedly capable of getting for them all. All I am saying is that I haven't heard of many minorities who were directly affected by this man's scheme, other than the one's who were the beneficiaries of charitable donations from the wealthy. Why is that? In my opinion it's part of the much broader problems this nation still can't admit we have.

We are a nation where the below average individual can become President, where the talentless can garner fame and recognition, where a woman is given more shine after her sex tape or some other scandalous behavior comes to light, yet we still have such puritanical ideas about sexuality. This is a nation where we say one thing and do another. A nation with a short memory and an even shorter attention span. We forgive those who have lied to, stolen from and made fools of us and are unforgiving to those who deserve our respect and admiration. We are not entirely to blame however and there is a way to get back on the right track. We can start by holding these crooks accountable and taking more responsibility for our lack of action. But I bet we are still more concerned with "celebrity" television. Whether another "star" has a hard time with paparazzi following them from the airport or who is adopting another kid from a third world country. I guess that should be commended and I do commend you for that but I still h8uuu.

keep spreadin that love


Friday, December 4, 2009

God and You.

"Believe it or not I'm walking on air, I never thought I could be so free-ee-ee...flying away on a wing and a prayer...who could it be? Believe it or not it's just me."
They ought to bring that show back on television or better yet make it a movie.
Maybe starring that kid from Super Bad...John Cena, no wait Cera...somebody like that.
That show was the bomb back in the dizzle! The Greatest American Hero. It starred William Katt, who would later star in "House" (also the bomb!) as your run of the mill teacher or something. One night he is visited by aliens and is given a suit that grants him super-human abilities, however he loses the instructions on how to use the suit, like the run of the mill guy that he is written to be. For it's time it was a really good show and honestly I think it would still hold up to some of the crap that assaults and infects our senses on television these days.
Now as far fetched as the plot line seems and I mean c'mon..pffft, aliens?
But doesn't it remind you of some other "stories" we've been told? Let's not even mention some of the propped up and or propaganda glazed versions of many of these "stories" okay, enough of the quotation marks, I'm talking about religions and their many facets.

Why is it whenever innocent people are made to suffer for the greed and power lust of men whether from the church or in government, it is always "the will of God" but when the people rise up against the injustices that they pay for by way of unjustified taxes, it is against the law, under God, thereby against God.
The lack of separation between church and state through out the globe is the status quo.
Yet through out much of the world injustices against poor and suffering people go unchecked, indeed they worsen. Liberty and justice for all, under God and indivisible...remains but a slogan on a dirty tee-shirt worn by a redneck, who also owns a tee-shirt that reads "kill 'em all...let God sort 'em out."
It is truly amazing how much "freedom" costs. As a matter of fact the price tag keeps growing. Under the current administration things don't look like they are going to change either, as we move our quest for global "freedom" from Iraq (where we have been since the early 80's as people like to forget whenever they talk about this war) to Afghanistan. I told yous in the book* that Barack is still just a politician, he too had to make his affiliation with the right God in public in order to be president ya know.
And we still lay it all, everything, at the feet of God, it's all in his name...whatever that may be.

I'd be an idiot if I didn't mention the recent vote in NY against gay marriage. WTF!!! Really?
Nobody will admit it but God's behind that one too, because he secretly told those 18 or so lawmakers who openly said they would vote in favor of it, to vote against.
But see that's what I'm talking about.
You have any idea how many people there are out there who use God for their own matter the situation...that my friends is God and you.
Hold on this is gonna make sense at some me.

In religion the big theme seems to be this idea of love for your fellow man.
So how is it possible to kill anyone in the name of God. To impede any one's pursuit of happiness. To impose your idea of what is best for them in his name. To interpret the teachings of any holy book as a means to treat people with malevolence because of who or how they worship, or who they are attracted to, or the color of their skin.
How come God is so violent? Why is he so angry at us?
It's almost as if you all advocate child abuse, he is after all, our father, right? It's like you turned God into an angry, abusive alcoholic father, who comes home from work every night and beats the crap out of his kids.

All I'm saying is stop forcing your God down every body's throats, making him what you want him to be in order for you to become that much more powerful. And as a means to kill at your whimsy or to declare that "they" are infidels and evil doers, just to insure the people will incite and rally around your cries to pray to Him for the deaths of all enemies.
First you keep telling us that we should develop a relationship with God but then we have to do it the way you say? Don't you think that's confusing, shouldn't my relationship with God be personal? How come you all up in it then?! And another thing...stop forgoing logic in your explanation of things when you are questioned. I realize that not everything has a logical explanation, that there are still things that are truly mysterious and without answer but to completely abandon logic is something I will not and cannot do.

Making God all knowing all seeing and all powerful is also very convenient for you as well, it makes it easier to keep everybody afraid to use their senses...the very same that God gave them, to see through your lies about him.
He is not angry, as a matter of fact he is forgiving and he loves us all, none more than the other because we are not capable enough to receive that powerful a love one on one yet. But collectively, we can and I think that is the only way we ever will. This is what the most powerful men in religions don't want you to know. It's not you who needs them to see God, they need you to stay in business. All you need is each other. You need yourself, you need your heart to be open to the love of who and what surrounds you...but unfortunately we are so blind on this earth, that we can't even see the love we are capable of giving each other much less the love of God.
The funny thing about all of this is, he knows this and he also knows that this is YIH8uuu.

Keep spreadin' that love
eventually it'll take.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Author Eyes

Wow what a week that was hunh? Hope yous all had a happy slaughter of the native peoples day. People get upset when I say that but imagine how "American Indians" feel every year during that day! Anyway today I want to talk about art...well not exactly but...well you'll see what I mean.
As some of you might know I wrote a frikkin book! Excuse my excitement but I WROTE A FRIKKIN BOOK! I have always wanted to do that deep down and on that first day when I sat down to begin I had already known what I wanted to write. Not the great American novel but my story. A "Hey world here I am in all my glory" sort of a thing. A beginners foray into the literary world. My main focus was just getting it all out or at the very least getting as much of it out as I could muster. Due to the deeply personal nature of the material it was a very difficult undertaking.
Honestly when I began I didn't even think about editing, which I did myself. I didn't think about publishing, which I also did myself. And I definitely did not think about marketing which guess what..yup, I'm doing myself. What I did think about was whether or not people would relate, whether or not it was worth reading, whether the thoughts, ideas and stories that I put in it were entertaining and or evocative. Once I was done though, I absolutely believed that I had accomplished what I set out to do. That what I had written was indeed entertaining. What I didn't know, rather what I was not really ready for was all the critiques, whether good or bad.
About a week ago I read a comment about how badly it was written, about the mistakes and run on sentences, line breaks etc.
In my defense (as if I need to defend myself...that would make me defensive wouldn't it?) I just want to say that I am not so bad. My work is pretty self explanatory, I make no attempts to be witty or either is or it ain't. Also I tell you up front what you will be reading. But my point is simple. Punctuation does not a good book make. Does it?
I get that readers in many cases are avid and voracious in their appetites for good books to read.
But what constitutes good material?
Whenever I see people reading a book, first of all I'm shocked...I mean who reads books anymore? In the world of personal entertainment devices (forever to be known as PED's from now on) I asked myself what the fuch is the point? I told myself that nobody would even buy a copy and though incredibly happy and grateful when copies were bought I was more shocked than anything else. So when I read these comments about line breaks and run on sentences it was disappointing, especially because there was no mention of whether they liked or disliked it on the whole, just leaving me to wonder.
Look folks, for any of you who are severely disappointed by typos then you probably wouldn't read this're probably NOT reading THIS right now so, again whatever wisdom I might have falls on deaf ears...which is fine, I mean I usually end up preaching to the choir* anyway.
Perhaps I am an acquired taste like Steven King, David Lynch, John Waters, or Jim Jarmusch. Not that I am comparing myself to them but at first didn't we all think they were weird, then...brilliant!? Perhaps I hafta die first? Now I know I spelled that word wrong but I spell fuck wrong all the time purposely too.
I guess being my first book...and the way things are going maybe my last, even though I know I have another one in me...ooh this is a wicked awesome run on may take a while for people to get my "style" but I can deal with that. What I can't deal with is taking criticism from people who didn't even read the damn thing! Yeah. That has apparently also happened as well... I get that maybe you read it and didn't like it because you didn't get it but at least you read the damn thang! How the fuch <-(need I explain that?) can you apply your opinion to something you have never read?
Dare I say, as a writer, all I want to be is entertaining and on a personal level make people see how relatable we are to one and other. I accept the fact that I will not be able to please all the people all the time, schit as a matter of fact I don't expect much love from the general public at all, I've already seen how they treat their own but don't critique up front without having seen what's inside. That's just wrong.
Lastly the subject matter for most of the book is dealt with such informality that I find it hard to believe that punctuation and syntax would be such a point of issue. I mean the entire book is written almost in slang. But as I have been saying for quite some time's not me it's yous...what I criticize about yous is your apathy toward each other among other things and your denial of such things (denial isn't just a river in Egypt it's also a state of America) but when I put my life up on display you criticize my grammar and punctuation? You forget that roses grow from bullshit so keep piling it on by the time you're done I will have a beautiful garden. But this ain't YIh8uuu...actually, today...I just do.

Keep spreadin' that love
eventually it'll take.

*From the book "Best Laid Plans" by Eric Ellis Brown
Page 168 from the chapter titled Political Aspirations & Spritual Beliefs

Thursday, November 19, 2009

It's not me, it's you.

When I sat down today and turned on my computer, waiting for the page to load, I thought to myself I need to write something...but what? Then lo and behold, there it was. Once the homepage loaded I saw it there on the screen. Headlines about, not the stripper at Big Al's with big'uns! The hurricane that devastated New Orleans and continues to wreak havoc after the fact. It has been ruled that the damage done because of the storm was compounded by the lack of giving a schit by The Army Corp of Engineers, which ostensibly is the US government. This will now cost us more money because of all the subsequent lawsuits that will follow. Ain't this a bitch! Dubya is still screwing us and he's been out of office for almost a full year now. WTF! Is there no end to the ripple effect of what the eight years this man had to ruin the country will do to us?
That's not even the real issue I'm discussing even though it goes hand in hand.
In 1932 in Macon County Alabama almost 400 hundred black men were used in an experiment to witness and study the effects of syphilis on the human body. None of these men were actually told that they had the disease, nor were they given treatment. How does this tie in you ask? Well then I ask you how doesn't it tie in? Let's look at a few simple ideas, shall we? The first being this, is it far fetc...err...outside the realm of possibility to believe that the aforementioned lack of giving a schit was more purposeful? The majority of the residents in the areas most affected by Katrina were and are black folks, poor black folks, who we already know hold no favor with the GOP (the good ol' party, be wary of this anytime you see it) OR the Bush family, as clearly stated by Herbert's wife, who can only be described as an old worn out battle axe, during the whole horrible ordeal. Her comments were both insensitive and indicative.
And if you're asking of what, then I have to ask...what're ya, new?

All these years later, much like the hole that still sits at the site of the WTC instead of two majestic buildings, Katrina remains a scar on the face of our great nation. And as we as a nation continue to turn a blind eye to all that ails us. Whether the issue is the truth about health care and why we can't get it unconditionally or education and why we are one of the less intelligent nations on earth with an apparent pride in said ignorance, or my personal favorites, the "isms" that we face. I'm not even talking about the greed and corruption that is still running rampant. We gave these douche bags OUR money and they continue to hold it hostage. Watch the stock market go up and down while companies make profit. After more than a century we elect our first black President and "liberals" procede with the daisy chainin' and circle jerks, "conservatives" AND the GOP are plotting behind closed doors to bring back slavery...yet our ideals remain the best on the block. So much so that we are teaching it to other nations around the globe, I mean, there is no more a sincere form of flattery than imitation.
Whooohoooo! Everybody wants to be like us. Except that is leading to more greed and corruption. Sorry.
Where was I?
Oh yeah!!!! I was talking about why it's not crazy for black people in general to be fearful of going to see a doctor. When I'm sure that there were times in our great nations history prior to and since the Tuskegee Experiment where, when treatment was needed perhaps even dire, that someone somewhere said "Aaaaw, don't worry about it. It'll be fine, these Negroes are indestructible." (Now look, my black people, I am NOT suggesting that we forego seeing a doctor on a regular basis. Get a check-up...well if you have health insurance.)

Seriously why are people who make claims about genocide against black people deemed nuts.
Is it because that is always the first and best line of defense? It's the easiest way to make people steer clear of the truth. Brand them heretics, or witches, or evil-doers. Were all the people who attempted to warn the rest of the world about Hitler crazy? Oh yeah that's right didn't a former POTUS's father help fund Hitler?
There are countless instances of suspected government atrocities against it's own people, many of whom were asked to leave when they arrived. And while it is true that a great many of them happened a long time ago, their effects remain. Don't you think it's fuched up that these things continue without real justice being served. Especially considering that the injustices being committed have crossed racial lines and have been hitting both black and white people...and everybody in between right in the culo...(big up JCleezy..eeeeazy weezy...sorry private joke), that is, if you keep your wallet in your back pocket. <--(nice save if I do say so myself.) So excuse me if I do, even for a minute, give some credence to the idea that AIDS was also such an incident...what? Like governments haven't in history taken extreme measures to keep the population at manageable levels. Perhaps they wanted to prove once and for all that black people can in fact swim! (Was that in poor taste?) The high tide came in and washed out an entire city in New Orleans four years ago, four years before that over two thousand people lost their lives in an atrocious attack on our psyches, I don't doubt for a minute that many of us here in NYC still haven't fully processed what we witnessed. They are few but I still have nightmares about what I saw that day, as I stood in the middle of sixth avenue at eighth street...and to this day I still don't know who was truly responsible for my nightmares during the weeks afterward. But many of you would like me to just get in the bullshit buffet line with you and pile as much on my plate as you have on yours. Well I can't do that, I'm on a no bullshit diet..I can eat anything else I want...except bullshit...that's the beauty of no shitty breath.

Okay I might as well get to the point because I can see some of you twisting around in your chairs like I'm making you uncomfortable...well it ain't me it's you.
What I'm saying is simple. Is anybody really surprised by this "news." I mean what's it going to take for people to start honestly looking at race relations throughout the history of this country until now and discussing real solutions without trying to remove ourselves from responsibility. Are we going to have to see un-armed civilians shot down in the streets by police...oh yeah.
Is it going to take seeing black men being blamed for crimes they didn't commit, then railroaded into prison...oh right we see that everyday and what do we do.
I mean the last recorded lynching in this country was in the sixties, and even beyond that there have been acts of murderous racism throughout the country, James Byrd in Texas just to name one.
Are we a nation of bigots just waiting to explode into a civil race war? NYC is a bigot's wet dream. You can hate everybody here...really, you can, just like the old Polish lady on the G train who keeps staring at the inter-racial couple across from her and muttering under breath. Another thing that amazes me is this "fear" that white folks have of black men...I know that it exists because I witness it practically everytime I walk outside my door. If we're so gottdamn scurry (didja get it?) why do you keep coming uptown for weed or further uptown for coke...or driving through Bushwick looking to buy crax...need I even mention what Bushwick looks like you guys should have any reason to be afraid...pfft.
Let me set the record straight, most of us ain't even thinkin about you, unless you're hot and wanna get down, plus, we rob and kill each other...did I mention NYPD? (Umm their motto's initials are CPR)but outside of that...mind yours, don't say anything stupid and don't get all pissed off when we get our reparations checks.

But if that last part rubbed you the wrong way...why can't you just be happy that you're being rubbed? Isn't that sort of along the lines of something you would tell all us uppity agitators who're all upset at your great country? See it's not so nice when the shoe is on the other foot, is it...? Can you even fathom what I'm saying? For those of you who can't.
This is yIh8uuu.

Keep spreadin that love.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I Dont Think Yous' Understand

Well howdy doody folks! That is, those of you brave enough to step into The Terror Dome. Eville, if you will. Bwaaahaahaaha.
So apparently some of you actually believe that I do in fact h8 uuu. Now while I can clearly see why you might believe that I wonder why you would? How come you can see all the "insults" as insults and not constructive criticism? A mere commentary on what is both true and based in reality as well as a lesson, for lack of a better word.
Recently I had the extreme pleasure to read a fellow bloggers words about a visit between Bill "The Cos" Cosby and Rev. Jesse in front of what I assume <--( yeah, I know..shutup wouldja please) to be thousands of people. During this panel discussion Cos reiterates some things that he has been saying for years now about our present and future status in this country as a nation of black people...well that's how I see it anyway. Though his words may appear scathing on the surface when he answers critics saying it is counterproductive to "air our dirty laundry in public" with "Your dirty laundry gets out of school at 2:30 everyday."
Yeah they do sting a little....THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO STING!
That is the whole point of trying to correct the issue. He doesn't h8uuu either, just the behavior that is readily available to be witnessed on a daily basis. Behavior that we all know is wrong.
Now Dr. Bill was specifically talking about our black youth, which, I mean...oy vey, don't get me started! I mean, I do discuss it in my book...Best Laid Plans but how many times can I keep saying that, right? (Til you get the book, how 'bout that!?)

But my friends, I have a much broader launch point. I just so happen to critique all of uuu.
Whether socially or politically I am simply pointing out what I see as counterproductive behavior, if we indeed want all that peace and harmony crap, a more perfect union if you will.
But I guess I am a much easier target because well, who the fuch am I, right? It's true but that same thing allows me to be blunt and blatantly honest. Like for example, a question I been mulling over for a minute. Is Obama ever going to show his pimp hand? Does he even have a pimp hand? I mean our last President was more than happy to lay the smack down with no regard to human emotion. Often times it was his way or the highway...which when you think about, is the same thing...hahahahaha!! Sorry.
There has to come a time or an issue that makes him say "Hey..stop dicking around and get the schit done..enough already...don't make me slap you. I'm Barack Obama bitch!"
I'm just sayin'. Dick "Dastardly" Cheney shot a dude in the face and made that dude apologize to him! Okay that's gansta and not pimpin but Ol' Dick did a lil of both...uh hello Haliburton? Plus he's still out there running his mouth about schit that makes O.J. say "Wow, he got balls!"
Barack, you need to just walk into a session of...whatever...grab a page by the arm and tell him to punch a Republican, maybe that guy from South Carolina who heckled him a few months ago, really hard in the face (Ala Tom Cruise in "Tropic Thunder"). Just to show some "What, what!?!"
I don't know maybe it's me. But c'mon you don't want gays to marry each other? Look pal, everybody has a right to be miserable, okay? What're you so upset about?
You should be happy that they aren't faking being straight, ruining our images of what a Rock Hudson is supposed to be or trying to marry your daughters!
Yeah, yeah, the Bible says its wrong....okay stop hiding behind the Bible on every issue that makes you uncomfortable. Since when is God such a douche..oh your god is a douche. Well, it's the only conclusion I can draw being the reasonably intelligent and rational human being that I am. Because even in life as we strive to find some meaning to our existence, as menial and unimportant as it is, we still find time to imagine a place for ourselves after this life is over...and you're telling me that your god is basically the douche bag doorman who won't let some people in based on some vague criteria of worthiness...well that club always sucks and G-Zus will be at the after party anyway. And one more thing, you can't have it both ways, all of you who try to shun homosexuality as an abomination against God, when anyone with an analytical mind would ask if Jesus was gay because he only ever hung out with a bunch of dudes. Especially according to every account you guys give credence to. See? Not so nice is it?
The last thing I want to spill in my attempt to defend myself against the too sensitive, is this. I am often misunderstood but I have learned to keep that to a minimum these days. I can communicate a lot with few words. I'm even starting to master The Jedi Mind if I chose to I could peacefully ignore all the daftness that still abounds but fighting against the daft will make me stronger. The Daft is widespread and continues to breed and recruit, even those of us who swore to fight against them sometimes fall victim to it's cunning. It can sneak up on any of us at anytime. The fight will be long as we see everyday from watching the fights amongst political parties who all claim to work for us when all they do is stall until the next elections.
All these hurdles are put in place to keep you from understanding yourselves better, so understanding me is the least of your worries but you'd much rather look at me with furrowed brow and the glazed look in your eye as if to say "Why are you being so mean?"
You really don't get it do you? Well, that is yIh8uuu.

Keep spreadin that love


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

How I Can Die A Happy Man

Okay, hey, I am back. Need to stretch my legs. Need to get a little release. Stand back. I'm about to get stoopit!

Public Enemy said it takes a nation of millions to hold us back, guess what Chuck, they're damned sure out there trying their hardest, shy of grabbin' their gats and killing us...oh wait NYPD, LAPD, NJPD, ANYCITYUSAPD! But I digress..or do I? I mean doesn't it all tie into one and all? All these sociological, poltical, racial, and economic issues. When will we admit that because this country is so f'd up historically, that it's guilt has remained a burden to us generations later. All those aforementioned issues all coincide now. And all because nobody could do the right thing when it mattered most...always after the fact and half assed if at all. And we continue to just sweep it under the rug (see earlier blog...seriously, Ih8 that word.

My question today is why is it so hard for "the purists" to let go of all this hate and move into the 21st century with the rest of us? How come it's such a bad thing to correct our mistakes and while we're at it, reach out to less advanced countries around the world? It's almost equivalent to those who thought that the world was flat and those who thought that black people were not entirely human (when simple definition of the word hue-man says other wise...but whatever). Do we really have to wait until all these bassackward and likely inbred ignant muthaf%$#ers all die out before we can reach something, anything closer to a "more perfect" union? A nirvana.
A semblance of a utopia. When do we, the insane, the irrational, the (gasp) artistic, step up to the plate and start swinging? My generation? Gen-Xers? Where the hell are you? We're the ones who can get rid of them. Yeah I said "them" but hey, we're them too. Think about it.
And just on a more personal note I was recently accused of being "hostile" simply because I happen to point out things that, while they may be obvious to all, are not being pointed out. They are not being discussed openly and honestly. If you guys haven't figured it out I'm big on honesty, no matter how sticky, gooey and unpleasant ( although sticky and gooey aren't always unpleasant...wink, wink). Why is it that I should be deemed hostile? Perhaps it would be less of the case if there weren't so many daft and docile sheeple around me? *Read "Best Laid Plans" available at Spoonbill & Sugartown Booksellers 218 Bedford avenue near N 5th street in Brooklyn, NY ( L train to Bedford avenue) also available online at
Yeah I'm trying to sell some got a problem with that?! of the plethora of things not being discussed openly and honestly (and yes I just used the word ple-thor-a (see The Three Amigos) is death. I'm not as scared of it as I used to be and I feel like even though I did'nt do many of the things that I thought I'd have done by now, like winning an Oscar or being on the NYT Best Sellers List or having a threesome with Halle Berry and Charlize Theron or Sophia Vergara and Lisa Nicole Carson or any combination of the four...but there are still some things that could happen which would make me die a happier man.

So here's a couple of things I'd like to see happen before I die.
Black President. Check. Nice.
Strom Thurmond dead. Check. Sweet. (Yeah I SAID IT) (Oops there goes that hostility leaking out again) By the way, isn't it weird that he outlived Ronald Ray-gun?
I must warn you there will definitely be some statements and opinions that will be hostile.
Like for frinstance, I'd like to see a plane full of good ol' Republicans crash into the Alps.
There would be a few survivors unfortunately but they would suffer excruciating pain before being rescued. They would then be hospitalized for weeks. Given the best care possible. Damned socialists! Upon being released from the hospital they would not be billed, just handed their medications and instructions, (commie bastards) taken to the airport and flown back home to the good ol' U.S. of A.
After they land and are being wheeled through the airport to their town car a horrible escalator accident rips off their toes and shreds their foot. This means a trip back to the hospital and more surgery, more weeks of bedtime in the hospital. But this time there is some mistake with the insurance company's forms and this type of surgery is not covered due to non-corroborated permission by the patient or some bullschit like that. The billing department has decided that the surgery was elective and then the bills start piling up. Before long the bills are too much and they have to move in with their children, who then decide it's better to put them in a nursing home...a reasonably priced nursing home, I mean c'mon they have kids of their own and college is right around the corner and Becky ain't so bright. And as this poor bastard sits in his own urine for five hours before the under staffed and over worked nurse comes to attend to them they realize it all could have been avoided had they not been so close minded and ignant<-(yeah I know).
Yes, I do have a vivid imagination.

Know what else I'd like to see? I'd like to see a child from the middle east delivering a message of peace, with logic that can not be refuted get enough worldwide exposure that it would actually be effective in spreading peace through out the middle east. Then watch as all the nutcases claim the kid is Jesus resurrected! The child who would not be Jesus resurrected would simply let everyone know that all the killing in the name of religion is just crazy. Because in my opinion all these people who strap bombs to themselves in the name of Allah are defying their own religious beliefs, not to mention the question, what God would condone murdering innocent children. This is not just a middle east issue either, this is world wide. It seems to me that in pursuit of riches and power "leaders" around the world allow atrocities against children to continue as long as it helps them to wield and laud power. I'd like to see these men die as well.

Wait, there's more. Greedy executives who do nothing more than cheat the public out of literally billions of dollars. I'd like to see them work a blue collar job. Or the back of the house in a restaurant. Maybe take care of their own kids. Ooooh, let's make them work alongside black folks...poor black folks who are still where they came from, not those of us who left and never returned hoping to be accepted by the very people who despised them to begin with.
We should make them park cars for five fifty an hour then raise the rent on their already over-priced studio. Better yet we should hack all their bank accounts, raid their savings accounts, then redistribute the money amongst the rest of us...that's when we all move into their gated communities and West Palm Beach, pristine streets having barbecues on our new front lawns blasting...what else...Public Enemy.

Finally I'd like to see equal justice for all. Where punishments can not be lessened with a little grease to the wheels of justice. I'd like to see drunk driving cops who kill people get the book thrown at them as hard if not harder than drunken stoned mothers who kill people. I'd like to see a world where a dumb ass athlete isn't made an example of just because he's an athlete, he's black and it's an election year. A world where those same greedy executives are forced to pay back all the money that they stole.
Before I die I want to see a world where my children can expose the members of that nation of millions without fear and most importantly with help from their peers...but with the way things are going and with no real sign that any of those things are going to happen before I die, I guess I will have to live forever...and I'm already tired...sigh, this is YIH8uuu.

Oh yeah, keep spreadin' that love.


Friday, September 11, 2009

Lets call a spade a spade.

Okay for weeks now I've been telling everyone I meet and who will still listen past the knowledge that I am insane, that all these opponents of the health care bill aren't in fact that but simply mask a larger issue that is systemic David Schuster from MSNBC News Live (with that sexy news lady Tamaryn Hall, OOOH, if I wasn't married...)
Partially evidenced by this douche from South Carolina Joe Wilson during the President's speech. How come this guy wasn't tasered by the way?!!! And as I sit here watching MSNBC, I am glad to see that I do influence the media...wait til the reparations convo gets rolling.
The issue unfortunately is racism. Yeah, I know, we have come a long way but parties of every race continually put us back fifty years each embarrasment. So here is what I propose. Let's bring back slavery!
Only this time we switch. Instead of black folks picking cotton, and raising generations of children, we let white folks fetch black folks coffee and lattes, with skim and half decaf! Well considering these days there is no equivalent to picking cotton in the hot southern sun its the best I could come up with.
Instead of young black men getting gunned down by white itchy trigger fingered cops, young white boys can get rounded up and forced to become wack boy bands. Rather than beating a black man within an inch of his life because he wanted to read, we could cut the hamstrings of any white boy caught with a basketball.
And whenever a white boy would be caught or even suspected of talking to a black woman, rather than detach his manhood from his body by means of shears and then, beat, hang and burn his body, we could put him in a tanning bed for too long. These are just some ideas I had to make us all understand better what we will never understand.
Better yet, why dont we responsible insane adults start slapping the racism out of people?!
Because the fact is we are all disgusted by our history and we turn away from the real truth of it at every chance. The ugliness of our nations own human rights violations are reduced to punch lines in jokes from black comedians. Yet we revel at the chance to point the finger at any other country in the world for similar infractions.

Yeah good ol racism. As in the good ol party. Uh hel-looooo! Coincidence? Yeah probably. But c'mon!

My point is that though we have made "progress" as a nation concerning race relations we still sit back far too often in regard to these subtle little racist attitudes that manifest themselves in acts like the first time a President gets heckled during a speech. WTF! Isn't anybody going to do something?! Like slap the racism out of SC. Hey wasn't Strom Thurmond from there?
I'd like to know where this asshole was during all the speeches that The Daft made during his reign of terror?! Here is the first elected black man as President who by all accounts has as much charisma and far better oration skills than many of our former Presidents getting heckled by a border line redneck and there seems to be no action being taken against him?! WTF!?!!

Most of us all around the globe are rational, compassionate and loving people. We don't want to live in a world where this simmering hatred exists but it does. So what are we to do? I'm telling you. Raise your hand. Open your hand. And slap somebody! Slap the ignorance right out of their mouths. Slap the hatred out of their hearts. And slap some sense into their heads. Let them know that your slap, though hard and violent, was merely a love tap. A love tap to awaken them from their unenlightened slumber. A slap of concern for their souls. To lead them in a safer direction away from oblivion where they will be consumed by their own suffocating hatred.
We can't continue to tip toe around what is going on, what can potentially become much worse if we don't address it now. Thats all I'm sayin'.

But I bet you aren't concerned enough to raise your hand to slap. But ya know what, that's not yih8uuu. You won't even open your eyes to the fact that it even exists and I'm the crazy one...this is YIH8uuu.

Keep spreadin that love.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fu@% Kourtney, Fu@% Khloe and fu@% Kim too...

So before I begin, let me just say that it feels good to be back writing again.
Now what brings me to the lab tonight is this new E channel show the Kourtney & Khloe blah, blah, blah...WTF! Are you kidding me?! What the fuck happened in this country where we just let any talentless skank get a television show? Oh wait I forgot Kim fuched Brandi's little brother for that spot...right, right sorry. But then that makes me ask where did all the money come from? Hmm...who was moms blowing to get the fortune? I better Google that schit before you all jump on me for not knowing, when you should be asking yourself who moms was blowing!
It is apparently is a family trait. Then ask yourself why are we glorifying that shit? Why are we teaching our little girls that suckin dillz can get you frills. But the problem is even deeper than the superficial dissing I'm doing right now.
Honestly though, who gives a flying fuch about whether this bitch has a coke problem?!!!
We know she has a fuchin coke problem!
Schit, I had a fuchin coke problem for a while and I was a broke ni&&a most of the time, she's a rich, talentless, spoiled, slutty, relatively young white woman in America.
Where do you think all that coke on all those dollar bills comes from ya morons?!?
So in this episode that I eventually change the channel on, one of the Interchangeable Twins is questioned about her drug problem, she and her sister "The Inhaler" argue over which one of them is doing more to boost business (which I can only assume means who is cupping more ballz or unclogging more pipes) and the other one disappeared into the background, kinda like Jan Brady. The most ridiculous thing to me was this idea that this business is legitimate.
Bitchez, it was a gift that eventually you will break and destroy and then be given a replacement. Where do you get the King Kong balls to broadcast this nonsense? What makes any of you so fuchin important?

I haven't even begun.

I realize that this all seems so venomous. And truth be told...yeah it is definitely purposeful and that purpose being WAKE UP! We can not allow these over privileged rich kids to take over the world...based solely on the fact that their parents have money that they otherwise have no clue what to do with. This is not a joke. It is a waste, or, is it a plan?
From dead eyes Paris to fat ass Kim there is a whole new generation of soul less ghouls spewing out all this bile schitting on us. Can we please stop taking schit showers? It's really starting to stink. I can almost understand our celebrity obsession, I mean it's been around forever but these silly, brainless, koch smoking ("Let's go to the video tape!" big up to Warner Wolf), dirty debutantes (big up to Ed Powers..lmfao!) aren't even celebrities!!! They are amateur porn stars at best. And yeah I'm a hypocrite because I'll watch that schit for free online. I will add however that this would be the only way I'd ever watch them on purpose! Happy now? I admitted something about myself.

Now back to topic. Fu@& these mattress testers. They only further the dumbing down of our country which we then spread to other parts of the world like a virus, then before you know it, the whole world is just a planet full of Twinkie heads unable to defend itself against the much more intelligent aliens who come to eat us...whoa, that stuff is stronger than it tastes. point is the same one that I often try to make about "us" , "we the people", that point being, we are letting the least important things dominate our lives, we are caught between that rock and hard place. Whether to step up and face what torments us or to keep going forward in the same direction, on the familiar road to oblivion. Revolution, starts in the heart and mind but we are so brainwashed to help keep the status quo that we manufacture and reward these miserable cee words with a television show. Believe it or not but E is almost as bad as BET...I'm not blaming television because it is and has been entertaining for me since I was a kid but I guess because there are so many more channels there seems to me to be a lot more bullschit to watch and we're watching it at an alarming clip! I mean, really E channel? I'm so disgusted that I can't even think straight...
WTF was I talking about? Oh yeah, the KKK. Coincidence? Probably..but damn. C'mon!
Look I'm just voicing an opinion that I think many of us regular folk share. Our disgust at the fact that too often in our everyday lives we have to deal with these self important twits, who happen to have more money...but now I gotta worry about more of them being manufactured copy cat style? Now I gotta worry about sheeple trying to be sweet smelling pigs?! Because that's what they are, the bourgeois, the symbol of what is despised about ourselves. The gluttony, the vanity, the promotion of false idols, the pride. I am not a "religious" man but my spirit is weary of all the excess and facade. And if allowed to continue unchecked then reality dictates that the evolution of what happens next will...well, remember what I said about your kids in the book? They are becoming like you...and more and more like them too. Always whining, wanting, gimme, gimme, mine, mine, mine! Undeserving yet always taking.
Ya know, if you were all just "taking it" I'd be waaay more interested but you're not, you're taking up valuable time, space and oxygen to talk and say dumb schit all the time (when you should only open your mouths to swallow) and this is YIH8Uuu.

Keep spreadin that love.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sweep It Under The Rug

YEAH thats right...I'M BACK bitchez!

IT has been quite a long time, since I graced you all with my presence, my wisdom and my awfully skewed view of this big chunk of dirt we call earth. Since my last communique we have elected our nations first black president and the world lost it's collective mind because, unfortunately too many naive people, whether black or white really believed that all our blemishes of the past were magically wiped away with Pro-Active (and no that is not an endorsement). So while we now argue about getting better health care...seriously? We're arguing over better health care?! No, we're arguing about an HNIC for real, this time, not on television or in a movie, this ain't President Palmer or Putney Swope! This is a real life niggra president!

YEAH I SAID IT!!!<(like they haven't!) People are still scared SCHITLESS!
AND meanwhile we still struggle, whether you want to admit it or not we all still suffer from that fateful day with questions to answers and still no answers.

My wife and I have gone to and returned from Switzerland, it's a nice place to visit and I would LOVE to live there! I felt such a sense of safety and security there, perhaps because being a black man from America I felt like nobody was gonna fuch with me regardless but even in the "bad" part of town (a park where drugs are sold predominantly by Africans) I never felt any sense of danger or risk. Considering the mind fuch that we as a nation have been living through over the last..what..ten years now...(close enough to ten), any sense of safety is something we all would like to comprehend at a deeper level. Hmm?

FOLKS that I once complained about are still on the loose making life for the rest of us more difficult. I still suffer from OPS (other people's stupidity) and nothing I have written about in the past has come to pass, well none of the positive stuff anyway.

We still drop our stress on each other and make life miserable, has nothing I wrote made a dent in your thick skulls or pierced your hardened hearts?! And as I sit here watching Spike Lee's documentary about hurricane Katrina, it all becomes a little clearer, not only do we as a nation have short memory spans but we also have a collective need to sweep everything under the rug and forget about the past.

I really am curious, what are white folks so scared of, actually why are you even scared in the first place? Where does this "guilt" that you speak of come from? Is it possible that fear comes from your guilt? Because your ancestors enslaved raped and killed my ancestors and you think that it would be logical for the commander in chief to look out for his own? It does stand to reason that could happen. My question though is why you have a problem with that? See, now we get into the tender part.

SOME time ago I watched Bill Maher's show and he had John McCain's daughter on as a guest. Her running theme seemed to be that we should just "move on", as if we should just forget our nations history and "let it go." She seemed to me to deflect her lack of knowledge on just about anything (besides cuppin the balls) with this idea that anyone opposed to the arcane ideas of her father's party (Republican) is some yahoo who isn't part of the American fabric. In other words, poor or "non-white" (which means poor or black, hope you're not both).

AS a black man in America I can say with a reasonable degree of certainty that the fabric that is the makeup of America was made by us, from the picking of the cotton to the actual stitching of the rug. Not to mention who raised and continues to raise your kids, your bratty, whiny, spoiled because you can't control 'em so you have to bribe 'em kids. None of you could have such a sense of entitlement if it were not for the way things were laid out for many of you and the built in advantages we aren't privy to even now. Or how most of the old money was kept safe by making the sons go into the family business and marrying his cousin...its happened some very prominent families. But again we sweep it under the rug...out of sight out of mind.

PLEASE folks don't get me wrong, I know none of you had anything to do with the past intentionally but you continue to reap the rewards without remorse and all the apologies and "guilt" won't make the issue go away, from Tuskeegee, to Emmit, from Rodney to MLK and from fourty acres and a mule to the afforementioned Katrina the constant injustices makes you wonder deep down, don't they...they make you wonder...WHEN? When will the scales tip the other way and how frightening will the result be to live through. Run out and get your black friend TODAY!!!

So many of us all have forgotten that we are nothing more than a result of our experiences and having been born and bred in this country automatically strickens you with sickness. Our experiences are vastly different even though we share the same air...
So while more of my young brothers have to get their education in"hustlin'" at an earlier age, picking up certain skills that will be key to their survival, their white counter parts need only worry about picking a school.

WHILE watching the documentary the thought occured to me that what happened down there was murder. That my government wanted to evict the poor and black citizens for whatever reason, by any means necessary. That knowing full well the dangers of the coming storm and the state of the levees (the lack of their effectiveness) they just let thousands of more black people die, the more the merrier I thought and the fact that I even have such a thought is fuched up, I said out loud...we got a black president...yeah but it took over a century...and apparently there are still way too many people who feel it should never have happened and you can tell by all these town hall meetings, where the shouting and the anger isn't even hidden then I looked under the rug...this is YIH8uuu.