Friday, September 11, 2009

Lets call a spade a spade.

Okay for weeks now I've been telling everyone I meet and who will still listen past the knowledge that I am insane, that all these opponents of the health care bill aren't in fact that but simply mask a larger issue that is systemic David Schuster from MSNBC News Live (with that sexy news lady Tamaryn Hall, OOOH, if I wasn't married...)
Partially evidenced by this douche from South Carolina Joe Wilson during the President's speech. How come this guy wasn't tasered by the way?!!! And as I sit here watching MSNBC, I am glad to see that I do influence the media...wait til the reparations convo gets rolling.
The issue unfortunately is racism. Yeah, I know, we have come a long way but parties of every race continually put us back fifty years each embarrasment. So here is what I propose. Let's bring back slavery!
Only this time we switch. Instead of black folks picking cotton, and raising generations of children, we let white folks fetch black folks coffee and lattes, with skim and half decaf! Well considering these days there is no equivalent to picking cotton in the hot southern sun its the best I could come up with.
Instead of young black men getting gunned down by white itchy trigger fingered cops, young white boys can get rounded up and forced to become wack boy bands. Rather than beating a black man within an inch of his life because he wanted to read, we could cut the hamstrings of any white boy caught with a basketball.
And whenever a white boy would be caught or even suspected of talking to a black woman, rather than detach his manhood from his body by means of shears and then, beat, hang and burn his body, we could put him in a tanning bed for too long. These are just some ideas I had to make us all understand better what we will never understand.
Better yet, why dont we responsible insane adults start slapping the racism out of people?!
Because the fact is we are all disgusted by our history and we turn away from the real truth of it at every chance. The ugliness of our nations own human rights violations are reduced to punch lines in jokes from black comedians. Yet we revel at the chance to point the finger at any other country in the world for similar infractions.

Yeah good ol racism. As in the good ol party. Uh hel-looooo! Coincidence? Yeah probably. But c'mon!

My point is that though we have made "progress" as a nation concerning race relations we still sit back far too often in regard to these subtle little racist attitudes that manifest themselves in acts like the first time a President gets heckled during a speech. WTF! Isn't anybody going to do something?! Like slap the racism out of SC. Hey wasn't Strom Thurmond from there?
I'd like to know where this asshole was during all the speeches that The Daft made during his reign of terror?! Here is the first elected black man as President who by all accounts has as much charisma and far better oration skills than many of our former Presidents getting heckled by a border line redneck and there seems to be no action being taken against him?! WTF!?!!

Most of us all around the globe are rational, compassionate and loving people. We don't want to live in a world where this simmering hatred exists but it does. So what are we to do? I'm telling you. Raise your hand. Open your hand. And slap somebody! Slap the ignorance right out of their mouths. Slap the hatred out of their hearts. And slap some sense into their heads. Let them know that your slap, though hard and violent, was merely a love tap. A love tap to awaken them from their unenlightened slumber. A slap of concern for their souls. To lead them in a safer direction away from oblivion where they will be consumed by their own suffocating hatred.
We can't continue to tip toe around what is going on, what can potentially become much worse if we don't address it now. Thats all I'm sayin'.

But I bet you aren't concerned enough to raise your hand to slap. But ya know what, that's not yih8uuu. You won't even open your eyes to the fact that it even exists and I'm the crazy one...this is YIH8uuu.

Keep spreadin that love.

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Gilighan Qabista said...

Amen. Please don't stop adding your thoughts to this blog. I find them mighty insightful. I'll slap up some racists through my taxicab partition. Not a problem.