Tuesday, September 29, 2009

How I Can Die A Happy Man

Okay, hey, I am back. Need to stretch my legs. Need to get a little release. Stand back. I'm about to get stoopit!

Public Enemy said it takes a nation of millions to hold us back, guess what Chuck, they're damned sure out there trying their hardest, shy of grabbin' their gats and killing us...oh wait NYPD, LAPD, NJPD, ANYCITYUSAPD! But I digress..or do I? I mean doesn't it all tie into one and all? All these sociological, poltical, racial, and economic issues. When will we admit that because this country is so f'd up historically, that it's guilt has remained a burden to us generations later. All those aforementioned issues all coincide now. And all because nobody could do the right thing when it mattered most...always after the fact and half assed if at all. And we continue to just sweep it under the rug (see earlier blog...seriously, Ih8 that word. blog.wtf...)

My question today is why is it so hard for "the purists" to let go of all this hate and move into the 21st century with the rest of us? How come it's such a bad thing to correct our mistakes and while we're at it, reach out to less advanced countries around the world? It's almost equivalent to those who thought that the world was flat and those who thought that black people were not entirely human (when simple definition of the word hue-man says other wise...but whatever). Do we really have to wait until all these bassackward and likely inbred ignant muthaf%$#ers all die out before we can reach something, anything closer to a "more perfect" union? A nirvana.
A semblance of a utopia. When do we, the insane, the irrational, the (gasp) artistic, step up to the plate and start swinging? My generation? Gen-Xers? Where the hell are you? We're the ones who can get rid of them. Yeah I said "them" but hey, we're them too. Think about it.
And just on a more personal note I was recently accused of being "hostile" simply because I happen to point out things that, while they may be obvious to all, are not being pointed out. They are not being discussed openly and honestly. If you guys haven't figured it out I'm big on honesty, no matter how sticky, gooey and unpleasant ( although sticky and gooey aren't always unpleasant...wink, wink). Why is it that I should be deemed hostile? Perhaps it would be less of the case if there weren't so many daft and docile sheeple around me? *Read "Best Laid Plans" available at Spoonbill & Sugartown Booksellers 218 Bedford avenue near N 5th street in Brooklyn, NY ( L train to Bedford avenue) also available online at www.createspace.com/3353202
Yeah I'm trying to sell some books...you got a problem with that?!

Annnyhooo...one of the plethora of things not being discussed openly and honestly (and yes I just used the word ple-thor-a (see The Three Amigos) is death. I'm not as scared of it as I used to be and I feel like even though I did'nt do many of the things that I thought I'd have done by now, like winning an Oscar or being on the NYT Best Sellers List or having a threesome with Halle Berry and Charlize Theron or Sophia Vergara and Lisa Nicole Carson or any combination of the four...but there are still some things that could happen which would make me die a happier man.

So here's a couple of things I'd like to see happen before I die.
Black President. Check. Nice.
Strom Thurmond dead. Check. Sweet. (Yeah I SAID IT) (Oops there goes that hostility leaking out again) By the way, isn't it weird that he outlived Ronald Ray-gun?
I must warn you there will definitely be some statements and opinions that will be hostile.
Like for frinstance, I'd like to see a plane full of good ol' Republicans crash into the Alps.
There would be a few survivors unfortunately but they would suffer excruciating pain before being rescued. They would then be hospitalized for weeks. Given the best care possible. Damned socialists! Upon being released from the hospital they would not be billed, just handed their medications and instructions, (commie bastards) taken to the airport and flown back home to the good ol' U.S. of A.
After they land and are being wheeled through the airport to their town car a horrible escalator accident rips off their toes and shreds their foot. This means a trip back to the hospital and more surgery, more weeks of bedtime in the hospital. But this time there is some mistake with the insurance company's forms and this type of surgery is not covered due to non-corroborated permission by the patient or some bullschit like that. The billing department has decided that the surgery was elective and then the bills start piling up. Before long the bills are too much and they have to move in with their children, who then decide it's better to put them in a nursing home...a reasonably priced nursing home, I mean c'mon they have kids of their own and college is right around the corner and Becky ain't so bright. And as this poor bastard sits in his own urine for five hours before the under staffed and over worked nurse comes to attend to them they realize it all could have been avoided had they not been so close minded and ignant<-(yeah I know).
Yes, I do have a vivid imagination.

Know what else I'd like to see? I'd like to see a child from the middle east delivering a message of peace, with logic that can not be refuted get enough worldwide exposure that it would actually be effective in spreading peace through out the middle east. Then watch as all the nutcases claim the kid is Jesus resurrected! The child who would not be Jesus resurrected would simply let everyone know that all the killing in the name of religion is just crazy. Because in my opinion all these people who strap bombs to themselves in the name of Allah are defying their own religious beliefs, not to mention the question, what God would condone murdering innocent children. This is not just a middle east issue either, this is world wide. It seems to me that in pursuit of riches and power "leaders" around the world allow atrocities against children to continue as long as it helps them to wield and laud power. I'd like to see these men die as well.

Wait, there's more. Greedy executives who do nothing more than cheat the public out of literally billions of dollars. I'd like to see them work a blue collar job. Or worse...work the back of the house in a restaurant. Maybe take care of their own kids. Ooooh, let's make them work alongside black folks...poor black folks who are still where they came from, not those of us who left and never returned hoping to be accepted by the very people who despised them to begin with.
We should make them park cars for five fifty an hour then raise the rent on their already over-priced studio. Better yet we should hack all their bank accounts, raid their savings accounts, then redistribute the money amongst the rest of us...that's when we all move into their gated communities and West Palm Beach, pristine streets having barbecues on our new front lawns blasting...what else...Public Enemy.

Finally I'd like to see equal justice for all. Where punishments can not be lessened with a little grease to the wheels of justice. I'd like to see drunk driving cops who kill people get the book thrown at them as hard if not harder than drunken stoned mothers who kill people. I'd like to see a world where a dumb ass athlete isn't made an example of just because he's an athlete, he's black and it's an election year. A world where those same greedy executives are forced to pay back all the money that they stole.
Before I die I want to see a world where my children can expose the members of that nation of millions without fear and most importantly with help from their peers...but with the way things are going and with no real sign that any of those things are going to happen before I die, I guess I will have to live forever...and I'm already tired...sigh, this is YIH8uuu.

Oh yeah, keep spreadin' that love.


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