Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I Dont Think Yous' Understand

Well howdy doody folks! That is, those of you brave enough to step into The Terror Dome. Eville, if you will. Bwaaahaahaaha.
So apparently some of you actually believe that I do in fact h8 uuu. Now while I can clearly see why you might believe that I wonder why you would? How come you can see all the "insults" as insults and not constructive criticism? A mere commentary on what is both true and based in reality as well as a lesson, for lack of a better word.
Recently I had the extreme pleasure to read a fellow bloggers words about a visit between Bill "The Cos" Cosby and Rev. Jesse in front of what I assume <--( yeah, I know..shutup wouldja please) to be thousands of people. During this panel discussion Cos reiterates some things that he has been saying for years now about our present and future status in this country as a nation of black people...well that's how I see it anyway. Though his words may appear scathing on the surface when he answers critics saying it is counterproductive to "air our dirty laundry in public" with "Your dirty laundry gets out of school at 2:30 everyday."
Yeah they do sting a little....THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO STING!
That is the whole point of trying to correct the issue. He doesn't h8uuu either, just the behavior that is readily available to be witnessed on a daily basis. Behavior that we all know is wrong.
Now Dr. Bill was specifically talking about our black youth, which, I mean...oy vey, don't get me started! I mean, I do discuss it in my book...Best Laid Plans but how many times can I keep saying that, right? (Til you get the book, how 'bout that!?)

But my friends, I have a much broader launch point. I just so happen to critique all of uuu.
Whether socially or politically I am simply pointing out what I see as counterproductive behavior, if we indeed want all that peace and harmony crap, a more perfect union if you will.
But I guess I am a much easier target because well, who the fuch am I, right? It's true but that same thing allows me to be blunt and blatantly honest. Like for example, a question I been mulling over for a minute. Is Obama ever going to show his pimp hand? Does he even have a pimp hand? I mean our last President was more than happy to lay the smack down with no regard to human emotion. Often times it was his way or the highway...which when you think about, is the same thing...hahahahaha!! Sorry.
There has to come a time or an issue that makes him say "Hey..stop dicking around and get the schit done..enough already...don't make me slap you. I'm Barack Obama bitch!"
I'm just sayin'. Dick "Dastardly" Cheney shot a dude in the face and made that dude apologize to him! Okay that's gansta and not pimpin but Ol' Dick did a lil of both...uh hello Haliburton? Plus he's still out there running his mouth about schit that makes O.J. say "Wow, he got balls!"
Barack, you need to just walk into a session of...whatever...grab a page by the arm and tell him to punch a Republican, maybe that guy from South Carolina who heckled him a few months ago, really hard in the face (Ala Tom Cruise in "Tropic Thunder"). Just to show some "What, what!?!"
I don't know maybe it's me. But c'mon you don't want gays to marry each other? Look pal, everybody has a right to be miserable, okay? What're you so upset about?
You should be happy that they aren't faking being straight, ruining our images of what a Rock Hudson is supposed to be or trying to marry your daughters!
Yeah, yeah, the Bible says its wrong....okay stop hiding behind the Bible on every issue that makes you uncomfortable. Since when is God such a douche..oh your god is a douche. Well, it's the only conclusion I can draw being the reasonably intelligent and rational human being that I am. Because even in life as we strive to find some meaning to our existence, as menial and unimportant as it is, we still find time to imagine a place for ourselves after this life is over...and you're telling me that your god is basically the douche bag doorman who won't let some people in based on some vague criteria of worthiness...well that club always sucks and G-Zus will be at the after party anyway. And one more thing, you can't have it both ways, all of you who try to shun homosexuality as an abomination against God, when anyone with an analytical mind would ask if Jesus was gay because he only ever hung out with a bunch of dudes. Especially according to every account you guys give credence to. See? Not so nice is it?
The last thing I want to spill in my attempt to defend myself against the too sensitive, is this. I am often misunderstood but I have learned to keep that to a minimum these days. I can communicate a lot with few words. I'm even starting to master The Jedi Mind if I chose to I could peacefully ignore all the daftness that still abounds but fighting against the daft will make me stronger. The Daft is widespread and continues to breed and recruit, even those of us who swore to fight against them sometimes fall victim to it's cunning. It can sneak up on any of us at anytime. The fight will be long as we see everyday from watching the fights amongst political parties who all claim to work for us when all they do is stall until the next elections.
All these hurdles are put in place to keep you from understanding yourselves better, so understanding me is the least of your worries but you'd much rather look at me with furrowed brow and the glazed look in your eye as if to say "Why are you being so mean?"
You really don't get it do you? Well, that is yIh8uuu.

Keep spreadin that love


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Anonymous said...

I agree with you on so many fronts. Especially Bill Cosby's rants. Have you ever been on the A train when the kids get out of school? I heard one girl talking to her friend about how to give good head in order to keep her boyfriend..very loudly!
I also had to cut my sister in law off because she lives the life of a true heathen yet every other word is GOD and PRAISE. She also uses my niece as a pawn to try and and get my brother back in her lose life. She refers to gay people as "Devil lovers". At least they are committed to each other. (she committed adultery) People are way to sensitive now days. bitch made to say the least
LuzeOne FC