Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Haves & The Have Nots

Well I wasn't able to write three blogs last month so I officially suck. Not that any of you give a marsupials ass! Who is reading this thing anyway? I think there is someone and he's probably only reading it out of politeness because he knows me personally. Thanks dad.

So today I want to discuss an issue that we are facing here in NYC but ultimately it's a national issue and that is the fact that the divide between rich and poor is growing at an alarming rate. The fact is here in my home state of NY the working class is actually a check away from being the working poor and the Mayor doesn't really give a fuch because I guess in his mind they should just be happy to be working. The Governor can't really do shit about it either because well he has lost the respect from many of the other folks in government here in NY. His term has been plagued by the media's need to put any and all his shortcomings on blast as well as the fact that his detractors look up his ass with a magnifying glass for any inkling of malfeasance and just fight him on practically every turn.
Our educational system basically is in shambles because most of the children in the city that go to public school are children of color and we all know that children of color are garbage. I mean a playground with a fake jail cell!!! Message! Children of color and children of working class families that have to share the school with them are left with the short end of the stick because no one cares about what happens to them, so the money that should go into inner city schools to close the educational gap gets cut, or does it get spent in other areas of the city...hmmm? I don't know but it wouldn't surprise me to know if it did. It would be just another case of the rich stealing from the poor and exploiting the hard work they do just to stay afloat here in one of the world's most expensive cities.
Rents are too damned high, to steal a phrase from Jimmy McMillan who is running for Governor from the Rent is 2 Damn High Party and seem yet another way to force poorer NYers out of NY.
The budget is more than legally late and solutions are to lay hard working city and state worker off and to cut funding for social programs for the elderly and children, all lower income of course because who cares about these folks anyway, right? Cuts that are deep and cruel.
If perhaps taxes on folks making more than half a million dollars a year were raised 1% the cuts could be avoided...but the Mayor doesn't want to do that. Why? Why would anyone who makes half a million dollars a year groan about paying five grand more a year in taxes? Shiiiit, if I made half a milly a year...well first of all my dreams of being a misanthropic philanthropist would be well under way and I'd fund programs to mentor young kids to be just like me because God knows we could use more folks like me around here. I am reminded of a sticker I saw recently that read: "I loved New York before you moved here and made it suck." But alas I go off on the I so often do...annnyhoooo. And by the way what ever happened to the executives at Goldman Sachs? How come nobody is in jail behind that shit? The list goes on and on, of companies that continually screw us over and never feel any reprisals from either the public because we're ignorant of the transgressions or just plain ignorant...blissfully so..pridefully so, or from government because they're usually in cahoots.

The divide is growing between us. And this is becoming much more than a racial issue, though it's roots are grounded in the systemic racism that lies at the core of this country. I liken it to the idea that if you build a skyscraper with faulty beams then likely it will fall under the weight of itself. I could also liken it to the big tit blond with the eating disorder but I won't, I like the building analogy much better.
It appears to me that we are headed for a steep decline if something is not done to build bridges to close that gap. Although we have been overworked into submission and have had our will beaten down due to oppression and oppressive policies there may come a time when the people, both black and white, may join hands and rise up together to fight against the bourgeois much like the French Revolution, which gave us French toast, French fries, French kissing and the expression "Let them eat cake" which is very loosely translated for America.
America is a very different place than what the "founding fathers" had intended, I mean besides the whole slavery thing with blacks being "3/5 of a human" we are not nearly a "more perfect union" and the way things are going we won't be getting there anytime soon.

Yes I know you're tired of me talking about slavery but that is your bliss talking. I know you would say to me "get over it" like an actress once told me while I made a joke about my people being persecuted. I should have said "Really? Get over it? Like Jewish people got over the Holocaust?"
Offensive isn't it?
If I recollect correctly didn't Jewish folks get some money for that? I don't remember however a government promise to give them anything though and if any of this sounds bitter well, as good as my life is, it could be 400 hundred times better!! I try to define my anger in terms of injustices that continue to happen to people of color like, all the "strange fruit" that hung from trees in the south for decades after slavery ended, like LAPD, NYPD, NJPD and any other PD in America. While all of you who would tell me to "get over it" I wonder if you would say that outside of your privilege and entitlement, would you be able to say that after a year in mine or my brother's skin and while the powers that be, the status quo, the richest of the world continue to separate us widening the gaps that exist, your bliss grows....this is YIh8uuu.