Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What went through my head when we made history.

Well folks,we have made history once again in a nation called The United States of America. And perhaps now those words will have a deeper meaning to us all. Honestly there aren't enough words to describe nor express how I felt immediately after it was announced that Barack Obama would be the next president of our country. I can say that there was still a part of me that couldn't believe it had happened and a bigger part of me that a full day later was still expecting "them" to somehow take it away from him and ultimately "us." Stranger things have happened we all know so I won't go into any of them,from the Kennedy assassination, to the 2000 elections,we've all been a part of or witnessed some strange schit in this country,so I don't think I am being far-fetched or paranoid ( as Rockwell's "Somebody's watching me" comes on the music channel).
I can't begin to tell you why I believe it finally happened...okay yeah I can..or at least try.
One of those reasons I think besides the obvious polar opposite he seems to be from our current "president" is the fact that for most rational people he appeals to not only our minds but at the same time our hearts. He also seems to have in my opinion a charisma that no other president has had since Kennedy,not even Clinton had Obamas charisma...though some of you may disagree with me Clinton was not the first black president...no my friends that distinct honor has been claimed by it's rightful owner. I also think that he has this aura that makes everyone want to do better as individuals,like he seems to be like the older brother that you don't want to disappoint by f'ing up in school or something...he's always had his schit together and in some ways you only wish you could be like him...cause your mom-n-dad always brag about him.
Now while it may seem to you that I am trumpeting the mans arrival....I am but I am not saying that I think he will magically make all our lives better just by his mere presence...as a matter of fact I do have my issues with him and like many of you who voted against him my reasons come from prejudice,the major difference here I'd love to point out is of course that I don't hate black people like yous. I just hate politicians. It has occurred to me that he is still a politician and we still have to wait and see how good or bad of one he will be.
Another reason that I think it happened was white guilt...yeah I said it! Many of the white folks who said publicly that they would indeed vote for Obama/Biden....did indeed vote for Obama/Biden!
I think many of them saw the writing on the wall,the logic of it all,the future of this country going up in smoke in a mushroom cloud,maybe even too many black folks screaming loud,overturning cars burning down buildings and worse had the outcome been different. So was that fear? No, that my friends was righteousness because had the outcome been different the memories of Martin,Malcolm,John and even Jesus could not have stopped the wrath of the "minorities" in this country. This my friends took a long time to happen and when you look at the portraits of the faces on the walls in many of the institutions all over this great country of ours very seldom if ever will you see a black one...this I know because I've seen them,not to mention what was taught to me in school,well now that will be different. And this is why I think a fair amount of a deep residual guilt that white folks have is another reason history was made. I think most white folks (and by the way we gotta come up with new descriptions for everybody..somebody get on that) found him appealing beyond the normal "He's so well spoken" comments that are often heard in reference to one of them smart brothers,I think in conjunction with not wanting to be associated with war mongering Christian wack jobs and the like,they felt that he is smarter than they are and probably on a vast majority of subjects.

I think about the fact that mine is a generation determined as "X" as in unknown, as in what the fuch does that mean? Ours is really the first generation after civil rights and as many of us reach into our fourties (even though I'm waay younger than yous) we were taught about civil rights as if it were ancient history much like the other favorite topic every February,slavery. But as our parents and grand-parents told us it is still too close...and should never have happened and now we have a brother in the White House. Now about those fourty acres...hmmm.

So many things...the images of people all around the world rejoicing over the fact that we as a nation did something that took more than forever to do...the fact that the race was still too close,which means we just have to wait for a lot of old people to die...sounds fuducked up to say but if they are anything like the "Good ol" crowd,the people who would love to see the "old days" return,like back in the fifties,the last days of legal racism,the days of yore when blacks weren't even considered fully human...when we were considered marked and cursed...well muthafuchaz them days are over but I bet you still wish they had never gone away,much like the old,turkey necked racist who called me "boy."
But as we will all see in the years to come the times they really are changing,everyday as we live and breath,we will have to adapt to these changes to make our world better for not just us but our children. To those of us who would try to clutch and cling and perhaps even teach the old ways of doing things,especially if those things are detrimental to our growth as a nation and as individuals of a world society...well this is YIH8uuu.