Thursday, November 19, 2009

It's not me, it's you.

When I sat down today and turned on my computer, waiting for the page to load, I thought to myself I need to write something...but what? Then lo and behold, there it was. Once the homepage loaded I saw it there on the screen. Headlines about, not the stripper at Big Al's with big'uns! The hurricane that devastated New Orleans and continues to wreak havoc after the fact. It has been ruled that the damage done because of the storm was compounded by the lack of giving a schit by The Army Corp of Engineers, which ostensibly is the US government. This will now cost us more money because of all the subsequent lawsuits that will follow. Ain't this a bitch! Dubya is still screwing us and he's been out of office for almost a full year now. WTF! Is there no end to the ripple effect of what the eight years this man had to ruin the country will do to us?
That's not even the real issue I'm discussing even though it goes hand in hand.
In 1932 in Macon County Alabama almost 400 hundred black men were used in an experiment to witness and study the effects of syphilis on the human body. None of these men were actually told that they had the disease, nor were they given treatment. How does this tie in you ask? Well then I ask you how doesn't it tie in? Let's look at a few simple ideas, shall we? The first being this, is it far fetc...err...outside the realm of possibility to believe that the aforementioned lack of giving a schit was more purposeful? The majority of the residents in the areas most affected by Katrina were and are black folks, poor black folks, who we already know hold no favor with the GOP (the good ol' party, be wary of this anytime you see it) OR the Bush family, as clearly stated by Herbert's wife, who can only be described as an old worn out battle axe, during the whole horrible ordeal. Her comments were both insensitive and indicative.
And if you're asking of what, then I have to ask...what're ya, new?

All these years later, much like the hole that still sits at the site of the WTC instead of two majestic buildings, Katrina remains a scar on the face of our great nation. And as we as a nation continue to turn a blind eye to all that ails us. Whether the issue is the truth about health care and why we can't get it unconditionally or education and why we are one of the less intelligent nations on earth with an apparent pride in said ignorance, or my personal favorites, the "isms" that we face. I'm not even talking about the greed and corruption that is still running rampant. We gave these douche bags OUR money and they continue to hold it hostage. Watch the stock market go up and down while companies make profit. After more than a century we elect our first black President and "liberals" procede with the daisy chainin' and circle jerks, "conservatives" AND the GOP are plotting behind closed doors to bring back slavery...yet our ideals remain the best on the block. So much so that we are teaching it to other nations around the globe, I mean, there is no more a sincere form of flattery than imitation.
Whooohoooo! Everybody wants to be like us. Except that is leading to more greed and corruption. Sorry.
Where was I?
Oh yeah!!!! I was talking about why it's not crazy for black people in general to be fearful of going to see a doctor. When I'm sure that there were times in our great nations history prior to and since the Tuskegee Experiment where, when treatment was needed perhaps even dire, that someone somewhere said "Aaaaw, don't worry about it. It'll be fine, these Negroes are indestructible." (Now look, my black people, I am NOT suggesting that we forego seeing a doctor on a regular basis. Get a check-up...well if you have health insurance.)

Seriously why are people who make claims about genocide against black people deemed nuts.
Is it because that is always the first and best line of defense? It's the easiest way to make people steer clear of the truth. Brand them heretics, or witches, or evil-doers. Were all the people who attempted to warn the rest of the world about Hitler crazy? Oh yeah that's right didn't a former POTUS's father help fund Hitler?
There are countless instances of suspected government atrocities against it's own people, many of whom were asked to leave when they arrived. And while it is true that a great many of them happened a long time ago, their effects remain. Don't you think it's fuched up that these things continue without real justice being served. Especially considering that the injustices being committed have crossed racial lines and have been hitting both black and white people...and everybody in between right in the culo...(big up JCleezy..eeeeazy weezy...sorry private joke), that is, if you keep your wallet in your back pocket. <--(nice save if I do say so myself.) So excuse me if I do, even for a minute, give some credence to the idea that AIDS was also such an incident...what? Like governments haven't in history taken extreme measures to keep the population at manageable levels. Perhaps they wanted to prove once and for all that black people can in fact swim! (Was that in poor taste?) The high tide came in and washed out an entire city in New Orleans four years ago, four years before that over two thousand people lost their lives in an atrocious attack on our psyches, I don't doubt for a minute that many of us here in NYC still haven't fully processed what we witnessed. They are few but I still have nightmares about what I saw that day, as I stood in the middle of sixth avenue at eighth street...and to this day I still don't know who was truly responsible for my nightmares during the weeks afterward. But many of you would like me to just get in the bullshit buffet line with you and pile as much on my plate as you have on yours. Well I can't do that, I'm on a no bullshit diet..I can eat anything else I want...except bullshit...that's the beauty of no shitty breath.

Okay I might as well get to the point because I can see some of you twisting around in your chairs like I'm making you uncomfortable...well it ain't me it's you.
What I'm saying is simple. Is anybody really surprised by this "news." I mean what's it going to take for people to start honestly looking at race relations throughout the history of this country until now and discussing real solutions without trying to remove ourselves from responsibility. Are we going to have to see un-armed civilians shot down in the streets by police...oh yeah.
Is it going to take seeing black men being blamed for crimes they didn't commit, then railroaded into prison...oh right we see that everyday and what do we do.
I mean the last recorded lynching in this country was in the sixties, and even beyond that there have been acts of murderous racism throughout the country, James Byrd in Texas just to name one.
Are we a nation of bigots just waiting to explode into a civil race war? NYC is a bigot's wet dream. You can hate everybody here...really, you can, just like the old Polish lady on the G train who keeps staring at the inter-racial couple across from her and muttering under breath. Another thing that amazes me is this "fear" that white folks have of black men...I know that it exists because I witness it practically everytime I walk outside my door. If we're so gottdamn scurry (didja get it?) why do you keep coming uptown for weed or further uptown for coke...or driving through Bushwick looking to buy crax...need I even mention what Bushwick looks like you guys should have any reason to be afraid...pfft.
Let me set the record straight, most of us ain't even thinkin about you, unless you're hot and wanna get down, plus, we rob and kill each other...did I mention NYPD? (Umm their motto's initials are CPR)but outside of that...mind yours, don't say anything stupid and don't get all pissed off when we get our reparations checks.

But if that last part rubbed you the wrong way...why can't you just be happy that you're being rubbed? Isn't that sort of along the lines of something you would tell all us uppity agitators who're all upset at your great country? See it's not so nice when the shoe is on the other foot, is it...? Can you even fathom what I'm saying? For those of you who can't.
This is yIh8uuu.

Keep spreadin that love.

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Gilighan Qabista said...

keep setting that record straight and i'll scratch it metaphorically on the screaming YELLOW streets of NYC. you rub me the right way brother.