Thursday, December 31, 2009

It all started back in.... "Nine-teen eeeighty NINE! The number. Another summer. Hit me. Sound of the funky drummer! Music hittin' ya hard 'cause I know ya got soooul." - Chuck D. & Flavor Flav, from the hit song, "Fight The Power!" When I began to consciously and deliberately question and defy authority, with a cause or at least my own ideas of right/wrong. Fight the Power indeed.

Technically it started from the time I was able to read. My pops taught me to question authority and to not swallow bullschit just because it comes from someone "in charge." It made life difficult at times but I wouldn't have it any other way. Too bad we didn't follow that concept during the last decade hunh? And well considering that around '89 was when the whole Iraq conflict began to bubble over...yes I realize that we didn't go into Iraq until, what, '91 but even back as far as '85 there were issues concerning our relationship with them.

That ain't the point anyway. The point is let's hope that what we have witnessed over the last decade is not a prelude for what is to come...and yes I am fully aware that we have a black President, now...stop using that as a gauge for how far we have come because if that's what your going to use as your yardstick then it still doesn't measure up to the mile high load of bullschit the citizens of this country have gone through...and that's only in the last decade!!! Honestly I'm still waiting for the two hour feature of all the dumb quotes from GDub. I'm sure there is easily two hours worth of stuff, as a matter of fact I bet we could make a DVD box set complete with out takes and behind the scenes footage that would last sixteen seasons because even though there were eight years of his Presidency there was twice the hilarity!

I hope that we have learned the hard way that we don't have to learn things the hard way. There is a such thing as foresight, common sense, open mindedness and acceptance. All things that we have failed to exercise in the last decade. Come to think about it it really started in 1999 with that whole Y2K madness. Remember that? Everyone thought that everything would stop functioning properly on December 31st. exactly at midnight. Some even thought it was the end of the world, as if time all over the world would sync up right at that moment. That was how we ushered in the start of the 21st century, with fear and ignorance, yet we were unable to see what was clearly an indication of the beginning of "The Time of The Daft"
And does anybody remember that election in 2000? Wow! Will we ever be able to live that down? I mean we are still suffering from the results of that first stolen election...and speaking of which will anyone ever be brought to justice because of that debacle? I mean isn't anybody interested in the truth, which we all know by now was a conspiracy to hijack an election. Well I guess once we buried our heads in the sand it was much easier to keep them there.

And what about 9/11 since we're on the topic of untold truths. Now here was an event that has forever changed our lives, though it apparently has not changed how we deal with security at our airports. Well save the fact that you have to take your shoes off when going through screening...and the whole no liquids allowed on board..unless it's liquor you buy at the duty free shop..but tooth paste or shampoo plus a litany of other liquids or liquid like substances are dangerous. If there is anything funny about that day (which there is not) it's be the after effects on our psyches as a nation and what we were willing to believe concerning who was responsible. Not to mention what we were willing to give up because of what we were told to be true. It was as if we were all children being told one of those tall tales that even as a child we knew were not true but we were hurt and shocked and the answers seemed to quell that pain somehow...and here we are almost ten years later...still hurting and realizing that perhaps what we were told was not true, perhaps it was a down right bold faced lie. Yet we do not get angry, we just keep plodding on with our lives.

Some guy named Bernie Madoff (with yall money) during this whole time was in essence, stealing billions of dollars from unsuspecting investors. Investors mind you who couldn't wait to give their money away to this old douche. Now as bad as it might sound, I bet a majority of those who invested were a part of the Jewish community. There is nothing wrong there but if not for the secular nature of that community perhaps someone from it would have alerted authorities to the impossible results that he was supposedly capable of getting for them all. All I am saying is that I haven't heard of many minorities who were directly affected by this man's scheme, other than the one's who were the beneficiaries of charitable donations from the wealthy. Why is that? In my opinion it's part of the much broader problems this nation still can't admit we have.

We are a nation where the below average individual can become President, where the talentless can garner fame and recognition, where a woman is given more shine after her sex tape or some other scandalous behavior comes to light, yet we still have such puritanical ideas about sexuality. This is a nation where we say one thing and do another. A nation with a short memory and an even shorter attention span. We forgive those who have lied to, stolen from and made fools of us and are unforgiving to those who deserve our respect and admiration. We are not entirely to blame however and there is a way to get back on the right track. We can start by holding these crooks accountable and taking more responsibility for our lack of action. But I bet we are still more concerned with "celebrity" television. Whether another "star" has a hard time with paparazzi following them from the airport or who is adopting another kid from a third world country. I guess that should be commended and I do commend you for that but I still h8uuu.

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