Friday, January 15, 2010

In light of the recent tragedy in Haiti I found it really difficult to find reason to h8uuu...but then much like the spout that shoots water so high in the air there uuu were! Old reliable! Yeah. Like the prick on the L train eating sugar wafers over peoples' heads dropping crumbs on them. That ain't even the bad part, this industrial strength douche bag had the audacity to snake a seat out of the situation, when, after what I can only believe to be an eternity for this poor woman, who decides that it would be better to give him the seat than have crumbs all over her clothes due to some assholes ineffectual half hearted attempts to avoid dropping crumbs all over her. It was this moment coupled with hearing Pat Roberts' ignorant, hateful words regarding why there was a natural disaster. He claims that the Haitians made a deal with the Devil. WTF!!??? I told you, we have to just wait til ignorance dies of malnutrition...because obviously we can't go around secretly killing old hateful, racist, ignorant, gonna die anyway old bastards just because they're ruining the world for the rest of us. Can we?

Nah we can't. Even though they did it to us and apparently continue to do so on an even larger scale? Well since you put it that way...shouldn't we protect ourselves. Isn't it fair. I talk about our ignorance and oblivious behavior toward each other all the time and in the midst of the world trying to save a country from falling deeper into despair our behavior still reaches disgusting. And yet I'm not amazed. I'm disgusted but not amazed. Look I know I'm not a shining example of what we are supposed to be as humans, I don't always say and do the right thing...but I tried to change the amount of bad stuff I did and thought. Now the thoughts are still sometimes rancid and disgusting and would probably make some people change their opinion of me but I don't care because they are my thoughts and noone else can hear them...well thats what I tell myself anyway but I do not do harm. I also try to help, I try to impart whatever "knowledge" I may have to others. To see people trying to use this event as a political calculation is not surprising but Just another reason YIH8uuu.

keep spreadin that love


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