Saturday, May 29, 2010

I can not go all summer without writing another one of these. Its bad enough that I have gone this long. I apologize that I am not as diligent as some others who dedicate a little time everyday to a new addition...and, I didn't think I would be using a Bobby Brown reference today but this seems like the perfect opportunity. Nah. If I choose to later it's my prerogative. Baaam that just happened to you.
Okay, okay. On the serious side,what the fudruck is going on? We got a huge undersea oil leak. North Korea is wildin' (pronounced "wilin" the D is silent..kinda like on the Knicks) and people who like to have balls dunked in their mouths (no not homosexuals) are trying to start another civil war here at home. We got Sarah "the moose killin, secret dominatrix, me and Todd's safe word is "wolf" Palin still running around running her mouth about everything that she should S.T.F.U. about already. Hurricane season is about to hit us again and apparently it will be worse than when we got hit by H1N1. That's Swine Flu for those of you keeping track.

All this going on and me and the wife are about to start a family. Are we crazy? Well we're not rich so we must be crazy. I can only imagine how much it costs to raise kids these days. With the cost of living going up, without any increase in wage. I hope this kid is cute so we can start pimpin it quick, like Gary Coleman's parents did him. Better yet the way corporations have pimped this country and the government for so many years that guys from corporations became the government. Isn't it amazing how that happens? Over the years we have seen more ex-government officials go into the private sector as multi-millionaires than ever before and I am disgusted. The people who make this country move, the back bone of the country is under strain because of constant greed and deception and like a cancer it should be removed. So what am I talking about? Revolution. Time to get some of that hard earned money back in your pockets...don't you think?
With all this talk of reform, shouldn't part of that discussion be about how to get more Americans their money back? I mean in the first place why didn't they just cut a check for...I don't know...a hundred grand for all of us. Black folks alone would have gotten us out of that hole with all the spending we would have done. But noooo...the banks got the money...wait, didn't they already have money? They're frucking banks!!! How does a bank go bankrupt in the first place? Fraudulent dealings and mismanagement...wait, that sounds like the M.T.A. but no it's Goldman Sachs, not your usual suspect, right? But perhaps they were and we were lead to believe otherwise. Perhaps while we were keeping our eyes on dead troops coming home for the last eight years or so, Goldman Sachs was steadily feeding itself our money. Gluttony and greed.

Meanwhile how many thousands of gallons of oil continue to leak into our oceans?
A disaster that quite probably could have been avoided, save for the fact that our addiction to oil is worse than any smack, crack or potheads needs could ever be. If the job wasn't rushed then proper safety precautions would have been in place, those men would not have died and we wouldn't be three steps closer to murdering the planet. People ask me why I seem so angry. To which I usually respond by saying "Are you fukn kidding me?!!? Are you not aware of what is going on around you, are you another of the millions of oblivious morons who's numbers seem to grow exponentially. Another of the self loathing who lie to themselves and their children in order to stay stuck in the past. Those people who only want the truth when it's convenient for their situation." Okay so I don't say that exactly but I think I'll start because it is becoming apparent that too many of us are sleeping our way through this existence. Nobody seems outraged over anything anymore, we just seem to take it in stride, like the NYers who keep uttering the phrase;"It's New York, whattaya gonna do?" How about something. Anything to make the situation better. How about fighting injustice? How about something as simple as giving up your seat on the train? sigh I'm starting to ramble. Before I get onto a totally different subject again, I want to just leave you with this thought. I understand that comforts are there for the taking and that is exactly what is happening, your comforts are being taken from you and you sit there like sheeple and accept it, then you get mad at me when I point it out...well guess what, this is YIH8uuu.

keep spreadin that love, eventually it'll take.