Friday, December 4, 2009

God and You.

"Believe it or not I'm walking on air, I never thought I could be so free-ee-ee...flying away on a wing and a prayer...who could it be? Believe it or not it's just me."
They ought to bring that show back on television or better yet make it a movie.
Maybe starring that kid from Super Bad...John Cena, no wait Cera...somebody like that.
That show was the bomb back in the dizzle! The Greatest American Hero. It starred William Katt, who would later star in "House" (also the bomb!) as your run of the mill teacher or something. One night he is visited by aliens and is given a suit that grants him super-human abilities, however he loses the instructions on how to use the suit, like the run of the mill guy that he is written to be. For it's time it was a really good show and honestly I think it would still hold up to some of the crap that assaults and infects our senses on television these days.
Now as far fetched as the plot line seems and I mean c'mon..pffft, aliens?
But doesn't it remind you of some other "stories" we've been told? Let's not even mention some of the propped up and or propaganda glazed versions of many of these "stories" okay, enough of the quotation marks, I'm talking about religions and their many facets.

Why is it whenever innocent people are made to suffer for the greed and power lust of men whether from the church or in government, it is always "the will of God" but when the people rise up against the injustices that they pay for by way of unjustified taxes, it is against the law, under God, thereby against God.
The lack of separation between church and state through out the globe is the status quo.
Yet through out much of the world injustices against poor and suffering people go unchecked, indeed they worsen. Liberty and justice for all, under God and indivisible...remains but a slogan on a dirty tee-shirt worn by a redneck, who also owns a tee-shirt that reads "kill 'em all...let God sort 'em out."
It is truly amazing how much "freedom" costs. As a matter of fact the price tag keeps growing. Under the current administration things don't look like they are going to change either, as we move our quest for global "freedom" from Iraq (where we have been since the early 80's as people like to forget whenever they talk about this war) to Afghanistan. I told yous in the book* that Barack is still just a politician, he too had to make his affiliation with the right God in public in order to be president ya know.
And we still lay it all, everything, at the feet of God, it's all in his name...whatever that may be.

I'd be an idiot if I didn't mention the recent vote in NY against gay marriage. WTF!!! Really?
Nobody will admit it but God's behind that one too, because he secretly told those 18 or so lawmakers who openly said they would vote in favor of it, to vote against.
But see that's what I'm talking about.
You have any idea how many people there are out there who use God for their own matter the situation...that my friends is God and you.
Hold on this is gonna make sense at some me.

In religion the big theme seems to be this idea of love for your fellow man.
So how is it possible to kill anyone in the name of God. To impede any one's pursuit of happiness. To impose your idea of what is best for them in his name. To interpret the teachings of any holy book as a means to treat people with malevolence because of who or how they worship, or who they are attracted to, or the color of their skin.
How come God is so violent? Why is he so angry at us?
It's almost as if you all advocate child abuse, he is after all, our father, right? It's like you turned God into an angry, abusive alcoholic father, who comes home from work every night and beats the crap out of his kids.

All I'm saying is stop forcing your God down every body's throats, making him what you want him to be in order for you to become that much more powerful. And as a means to kill at your whimsy or to declare that "they" are infidels and evil doers, just to insure the people will incite and rally around your cries to pray to Him for the deaths of all enemies.
First you keep telling us that we should develop a relationship with God but then we have to do it the way you say? Don't you think that's confusing, shouldn't my relationship with God be personal? How come you all up in it then?! And another thing...stop forgoing logic in your explanation of things when you are questioned. I realize that not everything has a logical explanation, that there are still things that are truly mysterious and without answer but to completely abandon logic is something I will not and cannot do.

Making God all knowing all seeing and all powerful is also very convenient for you as well, it makes it easier to keep everybody afraid to use their senses...the very same that God gave them, to see through your lies about him.
He is not angry, as a matter of fact he is forgiving and he loves us all, none more than the other because we are not capable enough to receive that powerful a love one on one yet. But collectively, we can and I think that is the only way we ever will. This is what the most powerful men in religions don't want you to know. It's not you who needs them to see God, they need you to stay in business. All you need is each other. You need yourself, you need your heart to be open to the love of who and what surrounds you...but unfortunately we are so blind on this earth, that we can't even see the love we are capable of giving each other much less the love of God.
The funny thing about all of this is, he knows this and he also knows that this is YIH8uuu.

Keep spreadin' that love
eventually it'll take.


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