Saturday, September 13, 2008


S'goin on everybody? Chillin? Cool.
I want to talk about hurricanes, if you couldn't ascertain from the title of this piece.
Actually,more accurately,I want to talk about an urban legend regarding hurricanes.
I want to talk about the idea that the formation of, to the path of every hurricane...ever,is the same path that slave ships took so many hundreds of years ago. I see that some of you look puzzled,some of you even look troubled. Look I know nobody wants to talk about slavery because of all that guilt and shame but I am the one writing so suck it up stop your bitchin and keep reading!
Sorry for yelling but you don't make this easy,it's bad enough I have to bring this up in the first place. Listen I know that it might be a stretch but honestly it is way more plausible than some of the stories you've been told over the years, so loosen up.
There is a wide range of the general public that believe in many of the urban legends that have been told over the years and it seems that there is a new one everyday but this one is special.
I think it is special,especially in the climate of the nation (USA) and in some cosmic way the world,since we are all connected,even if we are too stoopud to see that.
I think it is special because it is visually stunning and is an astounding representation of the power of nature,of how powerless man can actually be held and held in check. The awesome and mind numbing destruction and it's aftermath,how lives of people are changed forever.
Then there is the super-natural aspect of what the legend adds to it. The souls of the enslaved who did not survive the long, painful, physically and emotionally torturous journey are now creating their own destruction. Destruction that in turn shows "we the people" just how important or unimportant we are deemed by our "government."
How is it you ask I can tie politics into this topic? Well I was not the first to do it I would answer. Remember Katrina? Well now there's a new hurricane in town and his name is Ike and Ike hit Texas. This has led to the largest search and rescue mission in the history of Texas,no such luck in New Orleans,a place I am sure was a port for slave ships. If you look at a map you will recognize where all such ports were back then. Once you realize that,then you can move on to the hurricanes' paths...see?
In the midst of a presidential election in which we have the first black candidate for the presidency, issues that have psychologically screwed this nation up for hundreds of years are still not being addressed. On the one hand the old guy (Mcain) has no reason what so ever to discuss these issues and on the other hand the black guy (Obama) has to be very careful how he treads.
Nonetheless it is still my belief that much like ghost hunters,ufo,Elvis,Tupac and Biggie sightings okay well maybe not the last three but many of these so called urban legends need more exploration. Why some of them are not is easy to answer. It is because of what the consequences entail. If it were widely accepted that hurricanes follow along the same path as slave ships then we the people would have some serious repairing to do on many levels,not that we don't already. Honestly I am still waiting for my forty acres...fuck the mule.
Okay so maybe hurricanes isn't really what I am talking this point I'm not even sure but what I do know for sure is that it is a fact that all hurricanes start on the coast of Africa approximately where all the ships started and when you consider the paths that they all take...isn't it ironic? Or maybe it's karma...or maybe it's the souls of those enslaved who did not make it here...or did they?

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