Thursday, September 11, 2008

You are gonna die!!!!!

I'd like to start of by saying that like many of us who bother to put our thoughts into these magic boxes full of wires and electricity for whomever to see, this is my rehabilitation...welcome.
I have stated the obvious. You are in fact going to die. You just don't know when and it is this that we fear. The unknown of it all. As fuched up as life can be death must be a vacation because life is a bitch of a job. Even for those who are comfortable. I mean it must be very hard to keep other people from getting too anything that you want to keep them away from. After a while wouldn't it be almost impossible...eventually the dam has to break right?
Well I really feel like there is an irony in the way things are whizzing by us all...especially after 9/11..a subject that I don't really like talking about,honestly...honestly. But I feel like we all have been in a dream like state since then...just going about our daily lives in the midst of death all around us...the souls of those who lost there lives that day need to be fed and rested but the spectres of half truths,deceptions,misdirections,sidestepping and outright lies about the events of that day will not allow it...we pay for the death that we allow and each of those sacrifices demands justice and that justice is always another life.
What separates us in this "life" are the things that we create ourselves.
Everything else connects us but we are so busy fighting every war imaginable...crime,drugs,education,freedom (think about it) terror...the truth. The truth is that denial is also a state of America.
And all the creature comforts in the world will not help prepare you for the inevitable...sure they help you forget about the inevitable,deal with the living nightmare that is soften the harsh realities of the swirling man-made vortex of negativity and fear hanging over our heads that like ostriches we bury our heads and try to hide from.
I have good news though...there is a duality in it see,this much negativity could not grow with out hope being a result and a byproduct of that being action for change...the time is ripe for The Spiritual Evolution of Humanity...the time when we all begin to destroy our own fears and negativity from within,connecting and tapping into that universal energy that we all kill and destroy each other for in the first place...that power and connection to it all,so that you can release yourself and surrender with out fear into the unknown...the inevitable..
and if you can't or won't open your mind to it...well that's YI8Uuu.

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