Thursday, October 2, 2008

Am I lying?

Alright look gottdammit! Let's finally cut the schit and call a spade a spade...and yes I said it on purpose. Let's face it head on and stop pussy-footin around the truth as if it were a herpes out break...the only real explanation for why some people want to clutch onto the past like it's heart medicine is because of what the G.O.P stands for...the Good 'ol Party...which basically means hatin' niggers (and the poor cause if you're broke you a nigger too)is okay and the way things should be.
The rich got rich and the poor got poorer because of slavery..America's not so secret dirty little secret. I know I sound like a broken record sometimes but c'mon let's be real here,do you honestly think that if Barack Obama was white this would even be close? Are you frudduckin kidding me? Hell no! It wouldn't matter to anybody that he chose Joe ("speech bitin") Biden...
I remember that from when I was a kid but that is here nor there...irrelevant...
the idea that I would want a former P.O.W who is now 72 years old as the President is astronomically can anybody truly,truthfully,honestly and logically defend that choice. I know it might not be politically correct to say this in public or in "the media"( I love how everybody blames the media like it's there fault for spinning whatever story to serve their parent companies needs) but why would I want the guy who got caught and captured and held prisoner probably tortured for six years as the fruckin President?!!! Explain that to me!
What if he has an Asian in his cabinet somewhere (it could happen) and one day he has a flashback of the war when he sees him or her. It could happen...the mind is a mysterious thing.
I won't even mention the "woman" he chose..rather "they" chose for him as his VeePee...okay yeah I will...ARE YOU FUCHING KIDDING ME!!!!!!????
Dude seriously...your nurse is your vice prez?
I don't understand women,this I know but how come none of you are outraged on a larger scale!? This close minded,closet freak swinger makes rape victims in her state,pay for their own rape kits...and for those of you who don't know,a rape kit is the evidenciary exam that you get as proof that you were in fact if actually getting raped wasn't traumatic enough you now have to pay for the rest of the humiliation.
She named her kid "Track".
I could see if there was a twin and he was named Field but there is no such twin to my knowledge. By the way has anyone seen that photo of her in the Stars and stripes bikini holding a shotgun? Swingers...her and her husband...most of these "conservatives" are...just go over the last eight years and look at the scandals in the administration..from the justice department,to the house and senate..these cats got fat and rich and had freaky nooky with young boys and girls....sometimes they got busted and I am sure that sometimes they did not.
Mcain has pretty much assured us that we ain't ever leaving Iraq under his watch and he would keep spending money on war every where...yeah! War! Fuch yeah! Well the only people who like war are getting richer off that schit! Are you getting rich off the war? No? And for those of you who say that she has a kid in the war she apparently had no idea he was going and he hasn't called her to say hi since he left. What kind of mother she must be...anybody? Anybody?
Oh well. Need I even mention the absolute ineptitude of this presidency...(or was it,some people believe this is part of the plan to bring destruction to in his dad (Herb)started the mess and Dubya...well you know what's going on outside and inside your homes)we are in debt up to our receding hairlines,debt mind you that is partially because of the war that was illegal and unjustified.

So I ask you what is it other than trickle down racism. From those who want to keep the stat.quo...well let's not forget the ignorant racist,the stereotypical character who has no idea that his great nation is one that cares less about him than me if I can consume more...these ignorant racists who have no idea that they are...because they "have a black friend" I don't blame them as much as I used to..I used to really hate back...but they are spawned from those rich fat closeted freaks and swingers who champion causes that they are usually on the wrong side of...I guess guilt does reach them on some level.
I don't blame the ignorant anymore because it is wrong to blame the victim and that is what they are. They are victims of generations of mind control and brain washing carried out through fear and misinformation and myth, separation and greed.
However I am a little annoyed that there are still so many of you out there. Those of you who actually know better and still...still you choose to be ignorant,to perpetuate ignorance,to teach ignorance...I am on to you though because I know that you aren't ignorant...quite the contrary you are a crafty,deceptive and deceitful master of trickery. Make us look over there when right in our faces you pull your little tricks...

Well,even though my eyes may be closed,it doesn't mean I am sleeping. I am watching you even if others are not and for as long as I live I will alert as many as I come into contact with about the attempts to destroy us from within...from within our very own hearts and minds.
And for those of you who would ignore the truth about yourselves and the ideas that you propagate and believe and allow yourselves to believe...this is YIH8Uuu.

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