Sunday, October 26, 2008

Scrutiny ?

Wow. It's been a long time,I shouldn't have left you. I'm not gonna bite the whole thing...thats just wrong.
So I'm listening to this talking head yammering about how Sarah tha moose killa,secret swinger,dungeon Mistress Palin is being scutinized about every little thing,from her wardrobe to her intellect..rather lack thereof.
Well guess what's about frudducking time! Seriously,I'm actually getting tired of the Tina Fey impression...only because it humanizes this obviously alien creature to our planet,who has very little true idea of what it means to be an American. The idea of what real freedom is,the freedom to govern inside your own home and especially your own body! (Not to mention her husband the sucessionist!)
I'm getting sick of listening to her blather on about nothing...of her just towing the party line and parroting the party talk.
Scrutiny? That's what is bothering this guy? The idea that we the people should want to know who in the flock this bitch is! And why it's okay for her unwed teenaged daughter to have a baby,which in effect causes the father to drop out of high school?
Honestly I could care less about who dresses this ho' or where those clothes came from..I never donated any money to the RNC so to hell with it but how come there isn't more "scrutiny" being placed on real issues, like how is it nobody has asked her to explain about that rape kit thing,(see earlier blog) which is in her state only as far as I know. Yet their campaign has repeatedly thrown large doo-doo balls, like monkeys in the zoo, in an attempt to make voters scared of the "nigra" without actually saying it out loud...because that would get some scrutiny for ya ass!
I wonder how it is not one woman has thrown an egg or tomato at this "woman" well save the fact that you'd probably get tased...I'm shocked at the lack of outrage by men as well,who have been told for years that we are dogs,so what does she do,she winks at us, as if to say "The word maverick is really code for key party"
Perhaps this pinhead is right. Maybe we should focus more on Obama/Biden. So much so that we completely erase the last eight years...erase the thought of another eight more years of that same Bushit...erase the idea that we even had to think about that in the first place.
Let us scrutinize the future. Let us be cognizant of what we allow ANY elected official to get away with.
The reason the Mcain/Palin campaign is so frustrated at the scrutiny is because what they have tried to force the public to believe has come to light to be false...when you start telling lies about people and you get proven wrong,the public will start to question why you were lying...and when they discover it is to cover your own ass while they get hit with the schit that you first threw...well I think they get pissed. When they discover that the only reason you are opposed to the truth is because you are the one who has been lying and stealing and hording...well then you end up having a nigra in the white house...then you have to pay your fair share...then you have to take responsibility for your mistakes and we the people no longer have to pay for them.
Recently I began questioning whether I hate rich people because I am not rich and the answer is no. I hate those of you who feel entitled to priveledge as if that can't go away or be taken away,as if you were born with some deed to all that you survey...and let's be real here, the idea that Mcain/Palin feels it is an almost disgusting and physically repulsive thought to "spread the wealth" of this country is YIH8uuu.

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