Monday, October 6, 2008

Play Lotto, Bitchez!!!

So as everyone in the world knows by now and as many of us have read in the paper (though I read the writing on the wall years ago) America is pretty much broke. We are over a trillion dollars in debt,mostly to China..(I bet that really makes the purists happy,you better learn more Chinese besides "General Tsao's Chicken") Wall Street is finally getting caught out there for Greed..thanks Michael Douglas and even as major corporations go broke their CEOs get more bonuses. Well may I suggest that if you are not a CEO or on the board of some large corporation and are not expecting a large inheritance from one of them should they all die...(oooh wouldn't that be nice like in Brewster's Millions!!!) that you start buying those Mega Millions Lottery Tickets Bitchez!!!
I see some of you already figured that out because it seems no matter how "small" the jackpot, the line for it is ridiculous. I don't think that is such a bad idea given the current state of affairs here in the good ol' USA. It might quite possibly be your best shot at protecting your financial security and peace of mind.

If you are like me,you're laughing your ass off because you know this is what you have been talking about for...well since we "elected" a mentally challenged,alcohol dependent,former cokehead as president...that's right I said it...and I know you have too.
You are laughing because you hope that this will inevitably make people stand up and start sitting in on congressional meetings and votes on passing of bills and what have're laughing because REVOLUTION is like a week away...a week away from people breaking down the gates and walls of these lying,stealing,greedy and corrupt pigs like Richard Fuld who have pretty much sucked the bones dry...the bones of the hard working and weary and the too weary to stop working and take back what is rightfully theirs.
You are laughing because like me you work from check to check and a 401k plan is a fantasy you have about beating Lance Armstrong...
(who is a beast by the way...the man beat testicular cancer and then won the tour DE fifty times! HE should be an inspiration to us all...rather than the too many of us who are inspired by Sarah "the closet freak,got a coyote fur covered dungeon in our basement,moose shooting,subpoena ignoring" Palin and her "folksy" attitude...need I remind you all of your current "President" keep it up and you'll get exactly that for another eight fruckin years!)
and you know how to live when there seems to be no hope for tomorrow,you know how to survive when there is little to be had.

Buy them Lottery tickets bitchez! Then,maybe then you can get to live an an area close enough to these guys...close enough that when ever they drive through the neighborhood you can egg their cars..better yet key that schit!
Yeah,if you're like me you are laughing at the campaign tactics of a doddering old man who has no idea what the economy even means,which is why he is allowing his advisers to start the schit throwing hoping it will stick to something...and that my friends is the problem,these people don't understand that while they play games and throw schit at the fan it hits all of us,that's why we're buying lottery tickets instead of stocks in the first place...and that my friends is YIh8uuu.

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