Wednesday, October 8, 2008


What up! I'm back. Yeah you know it!
So last night there was another presidential debate,though only one of the candidates seemed presidential to me...I'll give you a hint it wasn't Mcain.
Nah not at all,as a matter of fact as I watched him,he slowly began to remind me of a time during my youth when my family lived in Brooklyn on Ocean Parkway.
More accurately put,he reminded me of an old man in the neighborhood who used to wear these dirty and soiled brown pants and walked very slowly while fondling his scrotum mumbling the words;"GRUB,GRUB."
In hindsight he may have actually been saying "grab,grab" as in grab,grab my balls.
I was a kid and well,even though he would have never caught one of us if we started running from him because he literally took tiny steps,we were scared of this guy.

None of us knew a heck of a lot about him,just that he was a scary son of a biscuit and gave some of us nightmares,well Mcain reminds me of that guy.
Perhaps it's his grumpy old man demeanor,or perhaps it's the fact that he can't lift his arms above his head,or maybe it's the fact that his nickname is "melanoma head"...okay I made that up but seriously what's up with this guy's health...does anybody know,as fact,what is wrong with his arms...was he tortured so severely that they removed parts of his shoulder muscles or something?
I'm not joking. I do really want to know what happened to his arms..and well,yes his face too as a matter of fact. Does anybody know?

Anyway as I watched the debate,I was struck by a couple of things,not the least of which was the attitude he had and maintained throughout the debate. He had this air of superiority over everyone in the room as if he were the only one who understood what was going on and why they were all there,the problem with that was the fact that he looked,on more than one occasion,as if he had wondered in off the street and was trying to find his nurse...who by the way was too busy trying to spread more fear that the "Nigra" isn't who he says he is,that we should spend more time digging up closed caskets to pull out any skeleton inside..except she has yet to open up her own graveyard full of fitting that I can use the word corpse in a piece about Mcain...I couldn't have planned that any better!

Another thing that bothered me in watching the debate were the several hand signals that were being communicated to non-attendees that were watching...okay so I'm a wee bit paranoid...I'm a black man living in'd be paranoid too...but I digress.
It just seemed to me that Mcain was trying to sneak up on Obama a couple of times during Obama's allotted time to if Obama was Charlie in one of Mcain's several flashbacks...and hey look I'm not saying having flashbacks is wrong..I have 'em all the time (I dropped a lot of Cid back in the day...thank you white boys!)
but I'm not running for president and do we really want a 72 year old matter how "present" he may be,no matter how "alert" he is..but do we really want that guy in charge of us all? With his finger on the button? He could easily mistake it for the one he uses to call for his nurse.
That would be like putting The Grub Grub Man in charge of all the kids in the schoolyard...he may not catch anybody but not one of those kids is gonna be happy and all of them will be afraid,aren't you ALL tired of being afraid?
Well I happen to know that the majority of us are,as indicated in the latest national polls (which by the way makes me come I never get polled...(not like that you sick freaks)have you ever been polled? Ladies,put your hands down.Again,I mean as in asked some political question that concerns this election)but for the remainder of you who still hide behind faith and lack of experience as reasons to vote for Mcain when in fact you're just scared to vote for the nigra because you enjoy fear and you hate black people...well this is YIH8Uuu.

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