Tuesday, August 3, 2010

So disappointed in you.

(Written on June 16th)
Got a check today for a gig that I did on the 26th of May. I had to go get the check from the office of the catering company that I did the gig for. The fact that I had to wait this long to get it isn't what bothers me. What bothers me is the fact that they lied to me about the check "being in the mail", when clearly someone either forgot to drop it in the mailbox or just didn't want to drop it in the mailbox. But they could have said that to me and just been honest. Why is it that when I spoke to these lying b!^(#@$ they told me on Thursday that I should wait another day and that the check should arrive by then. When Saturday came and went I couldn't wait to scream on somebody at the office but I resisted...besides, there was nobody at the office also for the sake of peace in my own household, my wife and I are expecting so the less stress the better.
Monday was a busy day for me, I had to teach a barista basics class and then there was the committee meeting so there was enough to keep my mind off strangling one of these beyatches, any one of them because I still don't know who it was that actually lied to me on the phone. Tuesday was also busy, the meeting with the councilwoman was the topper of a busy day and it went well, so thoughts of bursting into the catering company office and breaking my foot off in an ass, at the ankle dissolved. Which brings us to today. Again a surprisingly busy day for a n!&&@ with no job but busy indeed and I am doing good work, so perhaps my dream of becoming a misanthropic philanthropist are coming to fruition...aah, they are. Excuse me, I went away for a second. Allow me to get back on track by taking a small detour, the "scenic route" if you will. Here we go.
While I rode the train on my way uptown I took the 2 to the shuttle then the shuttle to the 6.
I noticed a man walking rather quickly, I couldn't help but notice him because he practically knocked me down, I, as usual, stage whispered the word "Jackass" and that made me think of how much I am beginning to strongly dislike my hometown. What made it worse was seeing this industrial sized douche get his perv on...clearing my throat...moving on, I began my ascent into the city streets, with a revelation. I couldn't say a word to these women about how absolutely ticked off I was at the fact that I had to come into the office to get this check. This check that I was told was going to be mailed last Wednesday afternoon. A check that should have been mailed on the 28th of May!!! I could not say a word because if I began to do that, I feared that everything that had ticked me off during this week would come out, that I would say things that I would regret and possibly end up in silver bracelets...so imagine how hard it was for me to not explode when I saw that someone had removed the stamp?!!!!
I left the office as soon as I saw the traces of the stamp...I left immediately, thankfully the elevator was still on the floor because I was close, so very close to going back inside the office..what could have happened...thankfully we'll never know.
Why does it have to come to this? Why can't businesses treat the employees with respect? How can a man's life be in the hands of people who so obviously don't care how their decisions affect others. How come we haven't learned this yet? The concept of spreading good vibes. Not just to yourself or the people that you care about but to all of us. Why be a douche bag, why be agnorant, which a combination of arrogant and ignorant. Don't take pride in being wrong. Don't be proud to be a f@%ing oblivious to others around you moron. It's not right. And it's not American either. You might think it is but it ain't. So what if we have the highest rate of obesity in the world. Not to mention education...absolutely do not mention education, seriously don't mention education. No child left behind...nah, let's just pass them. Never mind.
In the book I talk about "the spiritual evolution of humanity" because there seems to be some kind of devolution taking place and I'm not feeling it at all.
People suck. More and more.
It's not just government, as much as it is to blame, it is not the totality of the problem...we are...wait...you are. Is it me or are there more out of towners moving here in droves? Newby, hipster college kids and princesses. The type to tell you how to live in New York even though you're born and raised here and they just moved here from Connecticut. The type to walk with their heads down, texting, while walking down the street against the flow of pedestrian traffic, then get an attitude when you yell "Boo!" What? We're supposed to move out of your way all the time? No. Not gonna happen. You will learn. Oh you gon' learn.
I should not have to deal with this, none of us should have to deal with this but we do. Well I'm not going to take it anymore. Speaking my mind is just the first step. Soon I will drop the seed of common sense and it will grow and you will soon see the light and the err of your ways. Dumb stuff will never go unchecked and unremedied. Because if we continue to let companies and talentless, trustafarian, spoiled mindless, mindless pricks and princesses treat us like shite, like we don't even exist other than to move out of the way, then it will continue with unlimited degradation. Can we stand that?
Some of you might disagree which is absolutely your prerogative, you have every right to your opinion as do I and since I'm the one writing then go f%$#---ondle your self. Look I am by far no good Samaritan but this idea that has prevailed for quite sometime that we should just mind our business and look the other way has got to stop. I am not suggesting that we become a bunch of snitches and tattle tells (is that even the right expression?) but when one of us is doing something really annoying and or negatively dumb and harmful shit to someone else and or that persons psyche, I feel we have the right to speak on that...immediately. And from now on I am...I WILL. The thing is and I know this is true, some one will inevitably look at me as if I am the douche for mentioning their asshead behavior. Am I alone here? It definitely feels like I am. And the fact that the rest of you pretend not to notice makes me intensely ill and hurt inside, perhaps it is a reverse psychological defense mechanism but this is yih8uuu.

keep spreadin that love

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