Friday, August 6, 2010

I hope it ain't too late.

So Monday (8/2) was my birthday. It was alright. My birthday doesn't have nearly the bang that it used to have, in terms of significance for me. I used to want to party til the sun came up and I would party for days in celebration of the one day that I could call my day. Over the last few years however my attitude has changed drastically, partly because I'm married now and who wants to party with their wife? I kid, I kid...uh not really. Also as I get older and I listen to the talking heads on the idiot box I become more and more depressed. Example one, the jerk-offs who oppose a mosque being built near the hole that used to be the WTC, First of all the site is a few blocks away from the debacle that they still haven't built. Secondly, (actually first of all I just numbered it wrong) these folks have been there for almost thirty years!! Well before these ass-holes packed up their cars and moved to NYC and started to make it suck for everybody. Apparently the argument is that it is a divisive issue and would further open wounds suffered from the tragedy of 9/11.
To that, I would say, why aren't those people angry at the city, state and the Bush White House for not having something built in place of the Twin Towers already?

Which is more of an insult to the nation? The fact that admittedly welcomed neighbors, who have been there longer than some of the residents want to add onto their mosque?
To that I can only say that as a witness to what happened that day I do not take anyone's pain lightly, I embraced total strangers that day and felt their pain, fear and anxiety. However those that oppose this mosque being built, are the ones causing the divisiveness and rubbing the salt in the wounds by prying into an issue that truly only concerns the residents in the area and NY'ers.
Now I don't know when Mrs. Moose killa jumped on this issue but since when did she give a flying fuck about us liberal media lovin' elitists? It seems to me that she, like many other pundits who love to hear themselves speak will use any issue at all to throw shit at the fan and watch it fly and hit everybody.
She is very chimp like in her ability to mimic and parrot and entertain with out really knowing people. I have a new theory by the way about why Alaska and her part of it specifically had the highest concentration of meth labs in the country...she was getting a cut!!! How else do you explain where the money comes from? Not to mention her sick human-less politics. I'm so tired..and scared. Big business backs all these jackwads. They are "THEM" and believe me, it is, us versus "THEM". Those of us who work for a living versus those of "THEM" who steal for a living because they're stealing from us!!!
Well dammit, get your hand out of my pocket!!!

The reason the priorities of The Supreme Court, The Senate, Congress and the Mayor are skewed to benefit big business and not the workers is because THEY ARE big business!!! But you twinkie heads voted Bloomberg into office...twice...and then you let him run for a third term...which he fucking opposed!! Sorry...sorry...I just get a little riled up at what appears to be a less than a give a shit attitude we all have these days. I guess I can only hope that it ain't too late, that perhaps my little boy grows into manhood during the greatest time in humanity. The time when we achieved a great evolution of the mind and spirit and ridiculed *"the time of The Daft" I have even written it in the past tense because I have so much faith and trust in you all that it will will happen so assuredly that it has already happened....
pffft!!!! Yeah right! My son will probably grow into manhood during more idiocy, more derision, more hypocrisy and ignolerance..(which I just made up and is a combo of the words ignorance and intolerance) and the fact that you probably think I just made up a cool new Ebonics word is exactly yih8uuu...

Peace, keep spreadin' that love

* From the book Best Laid Plans 
available at, DTP (digital text platform) also available at coming soon to Google books!!!

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